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Eyes by Thermage


Eyes by Thermage®
Pittsburgh, PA

Eyes by Thermage

Available at The Skin Center Medical Spa in Pittsburgh, Eyes by Thermage®, is an anti aging skin treatment that utilizes a unique deep-heating radiofrequency (RF) technology and a patented delivery system with comfort pulsed technology (CPT) to firm and tighten the skin surrounding the eye area by stimulating existing collagen and promoting new collagen growth.

Schedule a ConsultationThis radiofrequency skin tightening treatment for the eyes is often called a nonsurgical eye lift or eyelid treatment and involves no downtime.

Eyes by Thermage rejuvenates and brightens the eye area by:

  • Tightening and toning the eyelids
  • Reducing eyelid hooding
  • Improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Softening Crow's Feet

One Thermage skin tightening eye treatment is usually all that is needed to see noticeably firmer, tighter skin around the eyes.  Results may be noticeable as early as two weeks after treatment with continued skin tightening over time as new collagen is produced.

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Thermage Skin Tightening Treatment

Performed in Pittsburgh, Thermage skin tightening treatment for the eyes tightens surrounding eye tissue, giving the eyes a brighter, more refreshed appearance.  Similar to the Thermage Nonsurgical Face Lift, Eyes by Thermage uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate new collagen production and tighten existing collagen fibers. 

During a Thermage facial treatment for the eyes, a fine treatment tip is used to deliver heat energy to the surrounding eye tissue.  The greater the energy, the better the results.  To help counter the warm sensation during treatment, comfort pulsed technology (CPT) is used to deliver a gentle vibrating sensation with cool bursts of air to make the treatment as comfortable as possible.

For enhanced comfort, a topical gel anesthetic may be applied or a mild oral sedative may be taken prior to the Eyes by Thermage facial treatment.  If an oral sedative is administered, transportation home will need to be arranged.

In Pittsburgh, Thermage skin tightening treatments are performed at our med spas located in Mt. Lebanon, PA, Wexford, PA and Shadyside, PA.

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FAQ's: Eyes by Thermage

Schedule a ConsultationHow much improvement will I see from an Eyes by Thermage Skin Treatment? 

The amount of skin tightening will depend on the severity of the creping, hooding and fine lines and wrinkles surrounding the eye area.  Most individuals see a gradual improvement in the eye area in as little as two weeks continuing for up to six months following an Eyes by Thermage skin treatment.

Can a Thermage Facial Treatment be performed if I've had dermal fillers and Botox?

Yes, a Thermage facial treatment will not alter the placement of dermal fillers or diminish the results of wrinkle treatments such as BOTOX® or Dysport®.  Actually, the combination of these treatments with Thermage skin tightening will offer the most dramatic improvement in your appearance.   

How is Thermage™ CPT System different than Thermage skin tightening?

The newer Thermage CPT System volumetrically heats the deep layers of the skin, while cooling the epidermis to non-invasively smooth, tighten and contour skin in a single treatment. This proprietary CPT, or Comfort Pulse Technology, allows for the delivery of more therapeutic heat energy, more comfortably than in prior systems, offering patients better results

Can Thermage CPT be used on other areas of the body? Or just the face?

Thermage Skin Tightening technology can be performed on the face to tone loose skin along the jawline and body to tighten facial skin.  It can also be used on the body and tone loose skin on the abdomen, knees, arms and thighs.  These treatments are:


Thermage Non-Surgical Facelift Alternative Treatments

Schedule a ConsultationThe Skin Center Medical Spa has a number of surgical and minimally invasive eye enhancement treatments available:

Eyelid Surgery can be performed on either the upper eyelid to remove excess skin and improve sagging or drooping eyelids or on the lower eyelid to eliminate puffy eyes caused by fatty pouches, under eye bags and improve the dark circles under the eyes.

Brow Lift is designed to rejuvenate the eyes, affording individuals a brighter, friendlier and more youthful appearance.

Eye Q™ Eye Lift is a breakthrough, non-surgical eyelift treatment that can brighten, refresh and rejuvenate tired eyes in just a single office visit with no downtime and no surgery.

Latisse® Eyelash Growth Treatment the first and only FDA-approved eyelash growth treatment for woman and men with thin or sparse eyelashes.

Botox ® Cosmetic offers individuals with dynamic wrinkles smoother skin and a natural well-rested appearance by relaxing select muscles in the face and limit their ability to contract.

Dysport ® Wrinkle Treatment is a wrinkle relaxer, offering a non-surgical option for the correction of expression-related wrinkles, or dynamic wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes.

Chemical Eye Peels use a precise chemical solution to remove the damaged outer layers of the skin, revealing a bright, healthy, more vibrant complexion.

Permanent Makeup permanent makeup is ideal for women who may suffer allergic reactions to the ingredients found in makeup, while other women use permanent makeup because it may be difficult to apply makeup evenly due to age or physical impairment.

Come in for your complimentary consultation to discuss all treatment options and decide which is right for you!