3 Ways to Refresh your Eyes Before Spring

Eyelid Surgery Pittsburgh, PA Spring isn’t far off, and that leads many people to consider how they can refresh their look as the weather brightens and warms up. In many cases, it is the eyes that most obviously age the face. This theory has been supported in numerous studies that involved observation of photos of men and women before and after eyelid treatment. Not only do problems like low-lying brows and heavy eyelids make a person look older, but these characteristics can also give the impression that a person is unfriendly or perpetually angry.

If you are starting to experience the frustration of aging eyes, we can help you. Here are some of the ways . . .

Problem: Heavy eyelids

Heavy upper eyelids are a common concern that occurs with age and the loss of collagen. Unlike some of the other problems that occur around the eyes, this is one that may have one of several solutions. Which is best for you depends on the severity of laxity and the underlying reason for that looseness of the skin on your lids. Sometimes, the underlying problem is the brow. In this case, we may turn to Botox or a surgical brow lift. If the issue is that the skin on the eyelid has become severely loose, improvement may come from blepharoplasty or Thermage.

Problem: Undereye bags or dark circles

The lower lids may also exacerbate the appearance of age by becoming puffy or dark. Each of these problems is related to fat. Undereye bags occur when loose skin fails to hold superficial fat pads in place. These deposits push against the skin to create puffiness. Dark circles occur when fat pads beneath the eyes diminish to such a degree that the area becomes hollow. The undereye area is often easily treated with dermal fillers. A prime benefit to this treatment is the immediate results you get to enjoy!

Problem: Thin skin

The skin around the eyes can easily become like crepe-paper over time. This is because the skin in this area is naturally thin and delicate. The loss of collagen to firm the skin quickly leads to fine lines and wrinkles that persist even with the use of moisturizers and sunscreen. Crepe-like skin often responds well to skin tightening treatments like Thermage. Even patients who choose a surgical eyelid lift benefit from adjunct treatment with gentle radiofrequency energy.

Facial aging affects every one of us in a unique way, which is why it is important to us to have numerous modalities to incorporate into our treatment plans. To rediscover your youthful vibe, call 1-412-429-1151 and schedule a consultation in one of our Ohio or Pennsylvania offices.

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