Spider Veins Don’t Have to Ruin Your Confidence This Summer

Spider veins don’t have to be a medical problem to be a problem. You know what we mean: those webbed clusters of veins may not ache or tingle, but they sure can cause you to feel uncomfortable. They don’t have to. These veins that form collections of discolored webbing on your legs, ankles, or other area can be closed for good. We can help. By seeking treatment now, it’s possible to enjoy the ultimate confidence this summer. Are you ready? Here’s what we want you to know.

One of the longest-standing, proven treatments for spider veins is to inject them with a mild sclerosing solution. This is referred to as sclerotherapy. Now don’t shy away because this treatment involves injections. Remember, millions of people routinely obtain injections in various areas of their face. You may be one of them. If you can do that, you can definitely tolerate a vein treatment that will give you permanent results. So let’s look at a few of the details of sclerotherapy spider vein treatment.

  • Your sclerotherapy treatment at The Skin Center may take only 10 to 15 minutes for a small area of spider veins. If you’ve got large vein accumulations, the entire treatment process can take up to an hour.
  • After sclerotherapy treatment, you can return to normal activities right away. No downtime is needed to recover. Veins naturally close over time.
  • Sun exposure is one thing that we recommend you avoid after sclerotherapy. The medication is a mild irritant, which is how it closes veins. When skin is exposed to UV light (including in a tanning bed), there is a chance that discoloration could occur.
  • Results may begin to develop after your very first treatment. However, some patients need one to two follow-up sessions to fully close visible veins.
  • To support maximum vein closure after sclerotherapy, wear compression stockings. These special garments gently press on the legs, encouraging blood flow through functional vessels while unhealthy veins close.

Don’t spend another summer under cover due to spider veins. Call 1-412-429-1151 to schedule a visit in our Columbus, OH facility or one of our Pennsylvania offices.

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