Your Face is 3-Dimensional, so your Facelift Should be, Too!

The landscape of the face is not intended to be flat. The peaks and valleys are what give every face unique character. If you were to observe a picture of yourself from several years ago, you would see what we’re talking about. Your eyebrows, cheeks, and chin project forward. Your eyes, temples, and hollows beneath the cheeks sit back ever-so-slightly. And your jawline? Well, that will be straight and beautifully angled along the ridge. As your face has aged, every one of these features has probably changed.

Age-related cosmetic concerns aren’t limited to the development of lines and creases around the eyes and mouth, or even on the forehead. At some point, many people start to think about the “F-word,” and by that we mean facelift.

At The Skin Center, we have a variety of methods through which facial aging can be managed. Signs of aging such as a sagging jawline and flattened cheekbones can be corrected using minimally-invasive surgical techniques or with injectables or with high-tech modalities like lasers and ultrasound. However it is that aging has affected the face, we’ve got to remember the true nature of this part of the body. At The Skin Center, we do this by recognizing topography.

Topography is defined as “the arrangement of the natural and artificial physical features of an area.” As it relates to the face, topography could be described as your natural contours, those peaks and valleys we discussed in our introduction. As it relates to rejuvenating the face, history has shown us that we must take topography into account or we risk exacerbating the appearance of age.

The 3D Lyft for Natural Rejuvenation

We are proud to offer a comprehensive selection of treatment options to patients of our Pennsylvania and Ohio offices. The 3D Lyft can be customized as a spa treatment that incorporates the magic of dermal fillers alone, or it can be designed to include the transfer of fat cells and stem cells from one part of the body to the face. More than the products that are used, it is the technique of the 3D Lyft that achieves such natural, beautiful results. This facial lifting procedure uses a topographical approach in which products are dispersed at various depths to perfectly enhance contouring from the forehead to the jawline.

Learn more about the 3D Lyft at The Skin Center. Call 800-429-1151.

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