With a Little Help, You Can Age as Gracefully as You Want

At some point, many of us can no longer resist the urge to pull back on our facial tissue to get a glimpse of what we used to look like. If you’ve found yourself lifting up on one or both of your eyebrows or on the sides of your face to make your jowls disappear and the corners of your mouth turn upright, you’re not alone. One of the reasons why facelift surgery continues to be so popular is because we have an intense desire for our outward appearance to align with our inner vibrancy. Here, we discuss how a little help can restore youthfulness to the face.

A New and Improved Facelift

There is a longstanding perception that a surgical facelift will leave the face looking as if you’ve stood on a mountaintop in 100mph winds. Not so. The “windblown” look of the old facelift is out. What’s in is a natural restorative procedure that tightens the tissue on the lower part of the face, from the cheeks on downward, to give the midface more structure and the jawline better angles. It is important to know that a facelift will not improve the appearance of the eyes or forehead. For optimal results, many people combine their surgical facelift with complementary procedures like dermal fillers and Botox.

A Lift Without Surgery

In our Pennsylvania and Ohio centers, we offer the option of a non-surgical facelift using Ultherapy. This treatment platform uses ultrasound in two different ways. First, ultrasound waves are used to observe sub-dermal tissues. This tells us exactly where to target thermal energy for the most significant effect. Once we have located our ideal depth of treatment, ultrasound waves are emitted to deep cells. Here, the absorption of energy immediately tightens the collagen strands that make up the skin’s foundation. The immediate effects of collagen tightening are followed-up by collagen remodeling. This phase of improvement happens over the course of several months. This continual production of collagen supports progressive skin-tightening for up to eight months.

Are you in need of a lift but not ready for a facelift? Contact us in Pennsylvania or Columbus, Ohio to learn more about Ultherapy.

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