Beat the Winter Skin Woes with a Manual Reset

There are so many ways in which we can rejuvenate the skin that we can overlook the fundamentals. These basics of healthy, glowing skin are particularly relevant during this time of year when the temperature drops and takes humidity right along with it. You may know that your skin gets rough and takes on the appearance of scales around the holidays, but feel helpless to prevent it. Here, we want to suggest a few strategies, including professional treatments, to reset your skin for the new year.

First Things First

Who doesn’t love a fast, easy fix, right? Hey, however you can get this in life (if it really exists), we say go for it; just not with your skin. The truth is, there is no easy fix for aging and the effects of the environment. In almost every situation, there is a need to create a new baseline. That’s why we say first things first here.

To truly reset your skin, all you have to do is eliminate the layer of cellular debris that is clinging to the epidermis. Pretty easy, right? Also pretty critical. If you don’t thoroughly exfoliate your skin, very little of what you put on it will soak in. That means very little change will be possible.

We offer two excellent ways to press reset quickly and comfortably. When you schedule a visit to one of our Pennsylvania offices, our staff can renew your healthy glow with a chemical peel or microdermabrasion treatment. In some cases, the buildup of dead and damaged cells is so substantial that both treatments are performed on the same visit. Both procedures are comfortable and incur very little downtime. Some patients go right back to their normal routine.

Building on a New Foundation

Once your skin has been prepped for renewal, all that is left to do is select the products that will provide the most benefit. During the winter months, hydration is the most important element to give to your skin. The outside air dries the epidermis. The heated indoor air does, too, as does that steamy shower. You might feel like you can’t win! We believe you can, and we can help. In addition to performing rejuvenating treatments, our staff is also familiar with medical grade skincare products that boost the nutrient factor in your skin on a daily basis.

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