Is This the Year you Get Your Groove Back?

Women can be affected by hormonal fluctuations throughout the majority of their lifetime. As they are, they may encounter a number of frustrating symptoms. We can’t even say that it’s at a certain age when a woman may wish she had an easier time reaching orgasm or even feeling a strong sense of desire for that matter. While this is more common in the years leading up to menopause, we meet women of all ages who have experienced the downside of female hormones. That’s why we have chosen to offer the O-Shot.

What is the O-Shot?

O-Shot is the name given to injections that target the regions of the female anatomy involved in orgasm: the clitoris and the G-spot just inside the vaginal canal.

Now, before you stop reading, we should say that, while it may seem counterintuitive, this treatment does not hurt. There have been numerous personal accounts given about treatment at this time, and patients who are properly anesthetized report feeling nothing more than a little pressure as platelets are infused into vital areas. Before commencing with treatment, we apply a topical numbing cream and leave that on for several minutes. Then, even though superficial tissue is numb, we inject an anesthetic to ensure complete comfort. Only then is the O-Shot injected.

How the O-Shot Can Bring Lady-Parts Back to Life

We are firmly in an era of female empowerment (one we hope will continue indefinitely) in which women are freer than ever to discuss their desires about what they want in life. For many, this includes better sexual wellness. Women who want to feel alive sexually don’t have much motivation if orgasm is unattainable. The more sexually responsive a woman’s body is, the more empowered she is to actually enjoy the sexual aspects of herself. According to research and clinical experience, platelet-rich plasma may be the catalyst to achieve this.

Platelet-rich plasma has a few effects on tissue into which it is introduced. First, the presence of new platelets increases circulation to the area. This alone increases sensitivity. Then, the growth factors go to work getting cells to regenerate new, healthy tissue. After the O-Shot, new vaginal tissue grows and the influx of collagen can improve natural vaginal lubrication and sensation.

Get your groove back this year and gain new confidence in your body’s ability to work as you want it to. Call a Skin Center near you to learn more about the O-Shot.

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