How Soon After Weight Loss can I get Body Contouring?

There is a lot to cheer when a goal-weight has been achieved. A lot! Significant weight loss, whether the result of diet and exercise or bariatric surgery, is usually expected to bring with it a newfound sense of confidence. The appearance of loose, sagging skin can diminish the overall satisfaction one may expect to feel once they have reached their ideal weight. Body contouring procedures like abdominoplasty or other lifts may be considered the proverbial icing on the cake. Here, we touch on one of the most common questions patients have about body contouring: when can I get it?

A Matter of Patience

As a goal weight is within sight, patience can go out the window. Now that the weigh is gone, it only makes sense that excess tissue should go with it. The issue is, doctors typically recommend that body contouring surgery is postponed until weight has been stable for 12 months. One of the reasons for this recommendation is that tissue will naturally retract over time. More natural retraction means more conservative surgery. Also, if body contouring is obtained while weight loss is ongoing, the final effect of treatment will be diminished.

A Matter of Motivation

Clearly, a person who has lost 50-, 75-, 100-pounds or more has very little issue with motivation. After losing a dramatic amount of weight, most people replace their initial motivation with a strong desire to keep their new shape for many years. This happens with diet and exercise that feel sustainable and fun, not with deprivation techniques. Body contouring can have a positive effect on future motivation by finalizing the entire process. Once you’re looking at the best You in the mirror every day, you’ll do just about anything to maintain this.

How Skin Center Can Help

Body contouring and its follow-up can be a simple process when supported by experienced, compassionate professionals. Contouring procedures that are available in our Pennsylvania and Columbus facilities include liposuction (for that stubborn subcutaneous fat), tummy tuck, nonsurgical skin tightening, neck and facelift procedures, arm lift, breast lift, and more. In addition to helping patients reach that final stage of weight loss, we can help them maintain it. Hormone imbalance is one of the contributing factors to weight gain as we age. We offer bioidentical hormone therapy to optimize this balance and keep metabolism humming along.

Learn more about body contouring at a Skin Center near you. Call 800-429-1151 to schedule your consultation.

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