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Middle Age Can Bite Me…I’m Waging War Against Wrinkles!

In the war against wrinkles, my weapon of choice is Dysport®. I’m going to smooth my wrinkles, dye my hair and otherwise hope for the best. That's right, I'm fighting back (while obsessing as little as possible). Several months ago I penned a blog about Botox® Cosmetic. I was new to the wrinkle-fighting game and the word Botox just rolled off tongues as I chatted with my fellow staffers in the marketing department at my place of work. We like Botox here at The Skin Center, and with good reason: It’s a powerhouse, a proven winner, and household name, but, it isn’t the only neurotoxin (big word for a prescription injectable that paralyzes muscles, relaxes fine lines and softens or ...

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