May. 20, 2012
Deborah Graham Warren

My Pittsburgh CoolSculpting ® Experience: WEEK 1

Blog_Collosculpting_542012With CoolSculpting ®, Pittsburgh clients can precisely target stubborn fat WITHOUT liposuction, surgery, needles or lasers. This is the first completely non-invasive fat-reduction treatment available – ever. As the blogger for The Skin Center Medical Spa, I was asked to be the LIVE demonstration patient for our Pittsburgh CoolSculpting body contouring launch so that I could share my story with you.

Lucky me! Once I got over my stage fright (as the LIVE Beauty Event demo girl) I was thrilled by the idea that, at the end of it all, I might actually “make peace with my two piece” – like the CoolSculpting advertisements suggest. And for those of you who were at our Beauty Event to see the demonstration, thank you for your support!


Before Treatment

Right before the demonstration for CoolSculpting in Pittsburgh, my lower abdominal pouch (about 3 inches below the navel) was gently pinched to locate the thickest spots. Those spots were marked as the center “target area” for Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting device. The device looks something like a vacuum cleaner upholstery attachment. A layer of gel film was then placed over the treatment area, as a barrier between my skin and the CoolSculpting freezing plates. CoolSculpting fat loss treatment uses a targeted cooling technology to eliminate fat cells below the surface of the skin—without hurting the skin.


Kasey, our Pittsburgh CoolSculpting provider, placed the device directly over the target area. Immediately, a thrust of suction quickly pulled my belly fat into the device—while flattening it like a pancake. The sensation startled me a bit, but didn’t hurt at all. I felt a mammogram-like pressure. Nothing more.

I was rather shocked to see that by flattening my lovely pooch, it extended a good three and a half inches into the device. (Not my best “look.”) For the first few minutes, the cooling plates made my belly feel chilled. (No, I didn’t feel like human popsicle.)

After about 5-10 minutes, all I felt was a numbness as though the area had been treated with novocaine. By the way, I wasn’t given any sort of pre-medication. It’s not necessary.

After Treatment

After an hour, the device lightly massaged the area as it loosened its grip. When the device was removed, I had to laugh! The treated area looked like a giant stick of butter as it held its frozen shape. Casey massaged the frozen section of my belly to warm it back up. I felt a little “prickly heat” as it returned to normal temperature. Not bad at all. I rejoined our event activities right away, left with no side-effects other than a pink, numb mid-section. Numbness is quite normal.

Three Days Later

The area still feels numb, which is to be expected. And now I’m looking forward to the onset of results as the dead fat cells are naturally flushed through my system.

So far, CoolSculpting is a breeze—a very cool one!!

Stay tuned! I’ll be keeping you posted on my progress frequently. 

Find out if you are a COOLSCULPTING candidate! Call The Skin Center at 1-800-421-1151 for your complimentary appointment. And take advantage of our INTRODUCTORY OFFER ON COOLSCULPTING now!

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