Jul. 18, 2012
Deborah Graham Warren

New “Tell-A-Friend” Rewards Program at The Skin Center Medical Spa

Blog_Tell_A_Friend_272013A SECRET SHARED IS A SECRET REWARDED! Sharing your secrets—about the services you love at The Skin Center—is more rewarding than ever with our new TELL-A FRIEND Rewards Program! Every time you refer a friend to The Skin Center (by giving them a $50/$500 Referral Card) we’ll reward you with a $50/$500 Thank You Card that you can use toward your next Med Spa Treatment or Cosmetic Surgery Procedure.

The More You Share—The More You Earn!

With Tell-A-Friend, your friend chooses $50 off her FIRST Med Spa Treatment or $500 off her FIRST Cosmetic Surgery Procedure—and you receive the same reward in return as our Thank You! And the more you share the more you are rewarded! This is a medical spa referral program like no other for our Pittsburgh and Columbus patients.

Click here to LEARN MORE about how TELL-A-FRIEND works!

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