Apr. 25, 2013
Ines Brady

“ASK INES” Facebook Chat – Focus on Acne Treatment and Prevention

Blog_Ask_Ines_3132014I’m Ines Brady, the General Manager of all Skin Center locations. With a great passion for skin care that’s backed by science, part of my responsibilities include choosing all of our skin care products, technologies and services. I also coach our providers in helping our patients become more educated and empowered in making the best choices in products, treatments and procedures for everything from acne treatment, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles to laser hair removal, skin tightening, tummy tucks — and more!

We recently held a 2-hour “Ask Ines” Facebook Chat to allow our Facebook fans to ask their skin care questions via an open forum, for all readers to benefit. What a great success it was! Topics ranged from adult acne and rosacea to skin tightening and weight loss. Here we will cover some of the great questions related to active acne, adult acne and acne laser treatment. We will also cover Q&A’s about other topics in future posts.


Here are some of the great questions I received from our Facebook fans:

Karen: What is the best treatment to get rid of raised acne scars on my chin? They are small but make the chin area and texture look very strange.

Ines: Karen, the best treatment for textural acne scarring, moderate to severe, would be Fraxel laser treatment. Fraxel laser acne treatment causes micro channels or wounds in the skin that will then cause your skin to rebuild the collagen in that area.

Karen: Ok great thank you! I only have this on a 1 1/2 inch area of my chin so can I only get that area done or do I need to do my entire face? I am fairly light skinned if that helps at all.

Ines: Absolutely, Karen. You can treat only your chin with Fraxel.

Kim: What is the best way to manage adult acne… I have always had combination skin and nothing seems to work…

Ines : The best treatment for the prevention of acne would be Cool Touch coupled with peels. Best acne treatments for scarring would depend on if the scarring is textural or hyperpigmented, which means that it could range from Fraxel Laser to IPL and peels. A consultation at any one of our centers would be the best thing for you to do!

Alisa: Who is the ideal candidate for a Microdermabrasion type treatment?

Ines: Anyone with active acne should stay away from Microdermabrasion until it is under control. Alisa, anyone wanting to improve tone, texture and clarity is a good candidate.

Ines: Thank you all for the great questions! Please know that this information is meant to be informative and is not intended to diagnose any skin related issues. In order to properly diagnose your skin issues, it is important to visit one of our centers for a free skincare evaluation and consultation!

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