Jun. 11, 2013
Deborah Graham Warren

Spider Vein Treatment with Sclerotherapy: WHAT’S STOPPING YOU?

Blog_Spider_Vein_6112013“Why are you wearing long pants?” asked my husband, as we set off for the Three Rivers Arts Festival on Sunday. Reasonable question, considering that it was a sunny, 80+ degree day.

Ok, I admit it. I’ve had spider veins on my upper left thigh that have annoyed me for decades. While I try not to be too vain about it, I confess that I’m embarrassed enough about those purplish-red road maps to ditch my shorts—opting for the discomfort of jeans.

So when I received an office email looking for “Sclero Training Volunteers,” I couldn’t resist. At The Skin Center, employees are often asked to step in as “training patients” to give providers an opportunity to refine their skills. This morning, I was the lucky one—a practice patient for Pam, one of our newest RNs, during her sclerotherapy training. She was great!

And now I can say, with first-hand experience, that sclerotherapy is fast, easy and virtually painless! So what’s stopping you?

Common Objections to Treatment:

“I’m afraid of needles.”

In this case, silly! When you see how ultra-thin and tiny the sclerotherapy needle is, you’ll realize how unwarranted your fears are. The needle is bent to help the provider keep it aligned with surface of your skin where the spider veins are visible.

“It will hurt.”

Not really at all! I hate to even use the word, “injection” because the pricking sensation is more like a mosquito bite than an injection. Discomfort was truly a non-issue for me. And afterward, only one treatment spot had the look and itch of a small mosquito bite. Some patients have reported tenderness or a tingling or slight burning sensation afterward, depending on the vein size and area of treatment. I didn’t experience any discomfort after treatment.

“I don’t want to wear support hose.”

I can relate. But really, it’s a short-term price to pay to be vein-free. Pam instructed me to wear them for 24 straight hours, then for the next 2-3 days— during the day only. Not really an issue since I have plenty of summer pants (as my husband will attest) and maxi-dresses that hide them. Plus, these “Spanx-like” hose are toe-less and you can adjust both ends for comfort.

“It won’t work.”

Doing nothing doesn’t work. I should see results, which I’d be happy to post in about 2-3 weeks, as the sclerosing agent has time to collapse my spider veins. Pam did inform me that some of my larger veins might need a second treatment in a few weeks. I’m ok with that. I let them go for so long, a second treatment is understandable. To ensure optimal results, I will be sure to comply with my post treatment instructions. So no strenuous exercise or swimming for 24 hours… and hose for 4 days. Simple enough!

“It’s expensive.”

Another misconception. One treatment (such as mine, above) typically runs about $310. That’s a little more than a cut, color and highlights! For access to specials, check our Facebook Page  or sign up to receive our E-Beauty Buzz newsletter.

So ladies please, what the heck are you waiting for? Address your own pesky spider veins—and get ready to wear shorts again this summer!

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