Jan. 23, 2014
Deborah Graham Warren

Introducing Skin Center Express Introductory Offers—Starting at $99

Botox PittsburghSkin Center Express Introductory Offers are a new way to try something new at The Skin Center without taking a chunk out of your day—or your wallet.

You’ve asked and we’ve listened. We understand that you might like to try something new at the Med Spa. Yet, you’re busy. You might be a little unsure. And you might want to test the waters with a little sampler version before committing to a full treatment or package.

So we developed Skin Center Express Introductory Offers—an array of popular treatments that are economical and don’t take up too much of your valuable time. Offers start at $99 and many can be done in as little as 30 minutes.

And if you ask for a MEET and TREAT appointment, you’ll get a mini-consult to get your questions answered before your Express treatment. If needed, you will still be eligible for a full-length complimentary consultation at a later date to discuss all of your skin care needs, your body concerns or your vein issues. (To learn the benefits of a free consultation click here.)

Wrinkle away HERE. Hair away THERE.

So, maybe you want to try…

  • a touch of Botox to see how you like it before committing to larger areas that could also benefit
  • an IPL spot treatment to fade your peskiest dark patch
  • one area of laser hair removal before signing up for a package
  • a light, exfoliating chemical peel to work towards a brighter complexion
  • removing spider veins with a quick sclerotherapy session
  • a skincare starter kit, complete with 3 essential products

With our Express Offers, you can get each of the above for $99 and be in and out in as little as 30 minutes!

For details on our $99 Skin Center Express Introductory Offer…

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