Feb. 25, 2014
Mary Kirk

Eyelid Surgery Update: Five Days Before Surgery

My blepharoplasty surgery is now just under a week away.  And yes, I am nervous.  Excited, but nervous.  And, I have so many questions, and happily, Dr. Brandy had all of the answers.  He carefully explained what he would do during the blepharoplasty surgery, as well as what to expect after surgery including recovery time and results.

I also reviewed eyelid surgery Before and After photos. Beyond my questions, he even gave me a mini-anatomy lesson on the eyes! During my personal consultation with Dr. Brandy in Pittsburgh, eyelid surgery information was abundant.

Here is what I learned:

Blepharoplasty FAQ’s

  • What foods can I eat before surgery? Protein rich foods because they help you heal.
  • What foods should I avoid surgery? Although contrary to everyday diet, avoid fruits and fish.
  • When should I stop drinking alcohol before my surgery? At least one week.  No red wine as it thins the blood.  I may sneak a beer at the concert this Friday!
  • How long will it take to recover from my eyelid surgery? Swelling will subside in about 48-72 hours.  I won’t be able to drive the first two days, as my eyes will be quite swollen.
  • What can I expect from the lower blepharoplasty? It’s a quick procedure—and actually Doctor Brandy’s favorite because it delivers great (and immediate) results.
  • When can I drive again? Within a few days.
  • What is my follow up care like post-eye lid surgery? I will need to return to see Doctor Brandy and his staff the very next day.  I will receive an ointment and pain meds to ease recovery.
  • When can I wear make up after a lower blepharoplasty? About 5-7 days after
  • Is blepharoplasty a scar less eye surgery? Yes, as the sutures are not visible externally, and there is no exterior incision made.fat pad diagram

Dr. Brandy talked about how many fat pads are in your eye (three), their size (about that of a marble), how he would gradually modify them to eliminate the puffiness, without creating hallows under my eyes.  We talked about skin elasticity (mine was good—phew!), and recovery (about 2-3 days).  We even talked about the evolution of Blepharoplasty surgery.  It was fascinating and helped me truly understand what to expect from this procedure.

To enhance my results, he also talked about adding a light chemical peel to the eye area to eliminate any creping.  This would help to soften the area under my eyes and to tighten any loose skin due to the removal of some of the fat.  He also talked about how my cheek would look fuller—not because of anything he would do—but simply because I would no longer see a ‘divide’ between my lower eyelid and the top of my cheek.  Viewing the many eye surgery “Before and After” pictures clearly demonstrated what he was talking about…and wow, what a bonus!

With less than a week to go, it is now time to turn my attention to resting and preparation (plus clearing the social calendar—for just a few days).  I’ll check back with you in a week!

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