Feb. 4, 2014
Mary Kirk

My Latisse® Love Affair

I’m having a love affair—with Latisse!

latisse mary

As with any great love, there are highs and there are lows.  With Latisse® eyelash growth serum, the highs—have been very high. Great lashes and comments from my girlfriends (and stylist!) and then recently—a few lows. I have been a faithful Latisse eyelash growth treatment user for over 2 years—only taking an occasional break over vacations and such!

Speaking of breaks, I recently noticed that a few of my luscious (if I don’t say so myself) lashes had broken!  You heard it—broken right off.  To my shock—and yes, horror, I thought that maybe I’d been using the product for too long, I’d grown sensitive to Latisse, or, maybe my lashes had just become brittle with long-term use. Then I thought that maybe it’s because I typically sleep on the same side each night.  Maybe my pillow was to blame.  Maybe it was my mascara—although I have used the same brand forever.

Lesson learned…

eyelash breakage
Lash breakage

But then, it all hit me. It was my makeup remover. In the last 10 years, I have faithfully used the same two products…until that is, about one month ago.

When looking for my go-to makeup remover (in an unnamed beauty store), I got talked into trying something different—something the ladies said was ‘just as good.’ Boy were they ever wrong! This ‘new’ makeup remover definitely did not work as well on gently removing my favorite mascara.

I do have to confess…I am a mascara junkie. When I say I use a lot of mascara, I use a lot! It’s my favorite, can’t-live-with-out-it product. That’s what I would take on my desert island if I had to pick one thing—ok, one BEAUTY product! So makeup remover is a crucial step of my nightly routine. Once I pinpointed the problem, I realized that since the product just didn’t work as well, I’d been rubbing my eyes and my eyelashes too hard—and in the end, had actually caused the ‘broken’ lashes!

Mascara removal tips for Latisse users

So here we ‘grow’ again…back to the more gentle remover and yes, maybe a softer pillow! Learn from my mistakes…and take a few personal tips from me—a mascara fiend and Latisse lover:

  1. Find a truly effective, yet gentle remover that works best for you. With longer lashes comes thicker lashes. Not brittle, but thicker and they need some TLC:  Tender Loving Care.
  2. Before using your remover, pre-moisten your eye makeup with warm water. Then, the remover works better (for me at least).
  3. Gently wipe, not rub your eyes and lashes.
  4. Enjoy beautiful lashes!

And the best news of all, is that once I went back to my old-faithful products (and with continued use of Latisse) all was well, and my eyelashes are once again beautiful!

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