Feb. 13, 2014
Kasey Chester

Skin Care Products: Choosing and Layering Products to Get Results

Skin Care Products: 101

Blog_Skin_Care_Products_2132014As a skin care medical esthetician at The Skin Center in Pittsburgh, skin care products, Botox, injectable fillers, Retin-A and wrinkle creams are discussed daily in my office.  I know what skin care products work best for dark circles under the eyes, soften fine lines and wrinkles or fade those freckles!  Over the years I have worked with hundreds of women to design a customized skin care routine that is tailored to their skin and their specific areas of concern.

Most of the women who come to see me for a skin care consultation have tried various over the counter anti-aging products, but have been disappointed in the results. Some have found that what worked in the past is no longer effective, some are just starting an anti-aging skin care routine and need guidance in selecting the right skin care products to prevent or treat wrinkles and fine lines, and others are looking to address skin problems such as pigmentation, sun damage, dullness or adult acne.

After talking with them about their goals, I am able to design a personalized menu of skin care products for day and evening based on their skin type, age and the complexion issues they are looking to address.  Having a list of skin care products is just the beginning, however, as when and how these skin care products are applied will determine whether a patient sees optimal results.

Start Light, End Heavy

In general skin care products should be applied from the thinnest to heaviest to ensure each ingredient can penetrate the skin. I recommend that patients wait a few minutes and allow each product to dry before applying the next product.

Nighttime Skin Repair

For most women, an evening routine should begin with a Retin-A or retinol product after cleansing. Retin A is the entryway and foundation to great skincare as it increases collagen production and if used consistently, noticeably reduces fine lines, brightens skin and produces more even tone in six to eight weeks.

Retinol products should be applied only at night, as Retin A makes the skin photosensitive. If you are peri- or post-menopausal, a prescription estriol cream would be applied after retinol to enhance skin thickness and build elasticity. A skin lightener product, if needed, would follow, with a quality night moisturizer and eye cream coming last.

Start the Day with Glowing Skin and a Good Line of Defense

For most skin types, an effective morning routine begins with a cleanser and a sweep of prescription glycolic acid.  A topical exfoliant, glycolic acid is a liquid solution that is compounded to different strengths depending on a patient’s age, skin type and sensitivity. Glycolic acid removes dead skin cells, cleans out the pores, and gives skin a healthy glow.

Follow with an anti-oxidant product that contains Vitamin C to shield against damaging free radicals such as smoke and pollutants, and pat on moisturizer and broad spectrum sunscreen with a factor of at least 30+.  Many products now contain all three of these ingredients in a single formulation. Add an eye cream formulated specially for the eyes, and you’re good to go.

To schedule a personal skin care consultation, contact The Skin Center at 1-800-419-1151 or click here.

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