Mar. 21, 2014
Ines Brady

ASK INES: Your Body Contouring, Skincare and Vein Questions Answered!

Blog_Ask_Ines_3132014Nicole: So I have tried to use Retin-A, but I flake way too much. I switched to SkinMedia ES but it is too strong too. What should I try?

Ines: Hi Nicole! Good question. Retin-A can be very harsh on the skin, but so can certain Retinols. Skinmedica just launched a new product that is called Retinol Complex and it comes in strengths starting a .25% and going up to 1%. The best way to begin using is to start it with 1 night in week 1, 2 nights in week 2, and so on. Until you are able to tolerate it.

Jen: I remember reading here about some sort of hand held device consumers could purchase. This was some time last year maybe. Can you help me remember what it was? I got my tax return and was looking to splurge a little.

Ines: Hello Jen, so glad you could join us again! You’re probably talking about the Clarisonic. It is a handheld device that works to cleanse the skin, and exfoliate it while using sonic technology. This technology works with the skins natural elasticity to transform the skins texture and appearance. I hope this is the what you were looking for. Stop by one of our locations to pick one up!

Denise: Hello Ines! Thx for having these sessions. I use a moisturizer but my skin remains so dry. Would you have any tips? Is there a specific ingredient to look for in a moisturizer? Thx again

Ines: Hi Denise! So glad you enjoy our FB chats. You may believe that your skin is dry due to excess flaking, but the reality may be that you are not exfoliating the skin. When you don’t exfoliate the dead skin cells away, it can block the effectiveness of your moisturizer. We always recommend a gentle exfoliant about 2 times per week, or as tolerated. You could also do a light chemical peel once per month. As for a specific ingredient you can always look for something that has Hyaluronic Acid (HA) in it. HA is naturally occurring in the human body, and promotes moisture. When you use a product with HA in it, it will draw moisture from the air or the water that you drink into the skin, aiding in the moisturization process.

Michelle: What options can you provide there for treating varicose veins before summer starts?

Ines: Michelle, we a wonderful vein department here at The Skin Center. We would have you come in for a Vein Screening where it would be determined if you’ve got just spider veins, (which we would treat with sclerotherapy) or underlying conditions, such as reflux causing varicosity, that we would treat with our state of the art lasers. Now is the perfect time to get your legs summer ready!

Mary: how long does it take to recover from vein treatments? Is it too late to do now, before summer?

Ines: Well Mary, now is the perfect time for both procedures! If it is sclerotherapy, we would want you to get your treatments now, before you are ready to go out in the sun. The downtime is approximately 1-week in which you would wear compression hose. But we would want to conclude your treatments before you face the sun so that you don’t end up with staining, that can darken in the sun. As for EVLT, Endovenous Laser Therapy, there really isn’t a bad time to do it. It is performed in our Vein Center, and patients are encouraged to walk immediately after. Compression stockings are also worn post-procedure.

Brenda: Can spider veins cause by reflux? How do you get tested to find out if you have reflux?

Ines: Hello Brenda, thank you for your questions. Spider veins do not cause Reflux but can often be a symptom. A simple diagnostic ultrasound scan done at any of our Skin Center locations is all it takes to find out if you have this condition. And these procedure are covered by most insurances!

Jil: Can you please tell me why you are selling Bare minerals instead of Jane iredale? What are the benefits of bare minerals??

Ines: HI Jil! It’s so nice to hear from you! You must have seen our coming soon post on our facebook page! We will be launching the line in April, and have decided to do so because it is the #1 Prestige Mineral Line in the country. They are the 2013 Allure Readers Choice Award Winner, the 2013 InStyle Best Beauty Buys Winner, and the 2013 Glamour Reader’s Choice Award Winner, 9-YEARS RUNNING. But best of all….their product is formulated without Parabens, Synthetic Fragrances, Artificial Oils, Preservatives or Talc. Look for the launch information and promotions in our April edition of E-Buzz!

Laura: Hi Ines, I’m seeing my skin tone become more uneven – more freckles, age spots, etc – what’s the best treatment for over 40 skin?

Ines: Hello Laura. This, unfortunately, happens to all of us as we age. It is known as photodamage, and actually happened to us when we were younger and loving the sun! The best way to handle this difficult, and most asked about problem would be to meet with one of our laser specialists to discuss the many options we have here at The Skin Center, such as IPL or Fraxel Dual. These treatment coupled with light/medium chemical peels will banish those unwanted spots! Utilizing a good skin regimen that includes a growth factor and skin lightener along with a Vitamin C product will help you to maintain these results.

Melinda: Do you have a recommendation for losing body fat without doing it surgically?

Ines: Melinda we absolutely do! CoolSculpting is an option for getting rid of body fat, when you are deemed a candidate by one of our certified providers. It works by freezing the fat cells with a 1-hour long procedure per area treated. The body then flushes the fat as waste from the body. It is a pretty simple procedure with little to no downtime. When you come in for a consultation our provider will let you know which body contouring procedure is going to give you optimal results. Sometimes Liposuction is the better option depending on age and body fat percentage.

Cindy: was just wondering when to apply Vit. C to your face after you wash it does it go on first before your moisturizer.

Ines: That is a good question Cindy! It depends on the product, but most traditional Vitamin C products go on the skin before you moisturize. But there are some products that don’t, such as the Neocutis Vitamin C product ReActive. This product is used last ON TOP of your sunscreen, and before your foundation. It is always best to follow the instructions of your skincare provider here at The Skin Center.

Anita: So, I have a flat tummy… but underneath my navel I have the the “deflated balloon skin” look going on. Without cutting it out, is there anything I can do to smooth it out, tighten it up?

Ines: That is a very good question Anita. And one that we will all be facing sooner or later! Unfortunately, once we reach a certain age the only way to deal with this is to have surgery. While I’d like to tell you that there is some magic non-invasive treatment out there, there isn’t. As we age, the skin becomes lax. That is because, our skin loses volume, so your “deflated balloon” analogy is a perfect one!!

Mary: I always have people ask me about all of the non-surgical liposuction options out there and don’t know what to tell them. Where to go? Who to trust? What are your thoughts about the best non-surgical options?

Ines: Wow! Good question Mary! As I said in my previous post CoolSculpting is the bee’s knees as far as we’re concerned here at The Skin Center! I would always look for a Coolsculpting certified practice. Always ask about the number of procedures performed. You might also want to get a Body by Thermage treatment to tighten up the skin after your Coolsculpting treatment.

Nicole: Okay…last question. I am turning 40 in three months! What would be a nice skin treatment to maintain my skin (I have a pretty normal, problem free complexion — and I’d like to keep it that way).

Ines: Nicole, the best way to maintain your problem free complexion is to get on an anti-aging skincare regimen. We refer to this as GRASS… That means you should be using a Growth Factor, a Retinol, an Antioxidant, a Sunscreen and a specialized product such as a skin lightener only if needed. It would also be recommended for you to do light chemical peels to continue to build collagen in the skin.

Ines: Thanks to everyone who participated in our 3rd Ask Ines! Facebook Chat! I hope it was informative and fun! See you next time!

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