Mar. 13, 2014
Deborah Graham Warren

ASK INES FACEBOOK CHAT: How to Get Your Face and Body Ready for Summer

Don’t miss our ASK INES Facebook Chat, March 20th, 4-6 pm

Blog_Ask_Ines_3132014Want to know how to get your face and body ready for summer?

With the first day of spring comes the next ASK INES FACEBOOK CHAT! This is your chance to ask our General Manager, Ines Brady, any and all SKINCARE questions as well as any FACE and BODY questions you may have. Although the focus of this Facebook Chat will be “How to Get Your Face and Body Ready for Summer,” of course, you can ask anything else as well.

Face and Body Concerns?

After this wreck-of-a-winter, thoughts of summer dresses, shorts and swimsuits almost seem like a fantasy! But as the warm weather approaches, many of us start thinking about how to look our summer-best! We start thinking about exposing our skin to the summer sun and exposing our bodies to summer wardrobes.

We might start renewing our sunscreen supply, wondering which products are best. We might think about getting a chemical peel to shed the dead, dry skin layers away. As we start thinking about summer swimsuits, we might start exercising and watching our weight a bit more.

This is the time of year that’s ideally suited for three things that will help you look fabulous for summer:

  • SKINCARE: Time to change your skincare routine. Adding a topical Vitamin C to your regimen helps your sunscreen’s effectiveness. Ask Ines about summer skin care!
  • VEIN CARE: Spider vein treatments are best done before summer since you’ll want to hide the evidence of the vein treatment process. Ask Ines about vein treatments!
  • BODY SHAPING: Breast augmentations, tummy tucks, skin tightening and fat-reduction procedures like liposuction and CoolSculpting® are popular right now. Ask Ines about any of these treatments and procedures—and what else you can do to get that beach body!

Mark your calendar for Thursday, March 20th, 4-6 pm! And get your questions ready for the ASK INES Facebook chat! And if you’d like, take a peek at previous ASK INES chat questions from April, 2013 HERE and September, 2013 HERE.

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