Mar. 31, 2014
Mary Kirk

My Blepharoplasty: Surgery Day & Day 2

My Blepharoplasty Surgery Day!

A bit nervous, but I was ready.

I had picked up all my required prescriptions the day before. My sweet husband had laid them all out, carefully labeled with instructions on when to take what. He was ready to make the cold compresses as instructed. He put me to ease… and I put myself to bed after the requisite Betadine shower and sleep aid for relaxation.

When I woke up (yes, at 4:30 am) I took yet another shower, as required, and took one final look in the mirror at the bags under my eyes. Nervousness was replaced with EXCITEMENT, knowing that the next time I looked in the mirror, I wouldn’t see those pesky bags under my eyes—once and for all!

I kissed each and every one of my babies goodbye and off I went!

I was very comfortable right before surgery. Dr. Brandy was very reassuring about how easy the procedure is and what great results I could expect. All in all, the lower blepharoplasty and chemical peel (to enhance my results) took only about 20 minutes once I was in the OR.

There were lots of funny stories about what I said when I woke up from anesthesia. Apparently, I talked about work, loving my nurses, co-workers and my husband, and even about our recent trip to Disney—you name it, I remember none of it!  I do not even remember leaving The Skin Center, getting in the car, or even getting into bed at home.  All I remember is my fantastic husband feeding me the necessary pills, eye drops, and applying the cool compresses (heavenly!) and lotions. I slept most of the day.

After Lower Eyelid Surgery and Chemical Peel: Day 2

Day After Blepharoplasty-Mary“Good morning, mirror, mirror!” Even though I was a bit swollen, I could already see that my under eye bags were gone!

Day 2’s routine at home was really much like day one—with the exception of my first of three post op visits.  I went back to the Skin Center and met with Samantha, the post op nurse.

She instructed us to bring back the post-op care kit which contained a gentle cleanser, intensive moisturizer, a cooling mist and much more.  Blog_My_Blepharoplasty_Surgery_3312014Instructions for each item (for chemical peel care) were carefully share with both of us and labeled for clarity.  I need to wash and lotion my face and eyes up to 6 times each day for the next several days.

While the skin will ultimately slough off, Samantha made it crystal clear not to pick—not even one tiny piece of tissue, for fear of scarring.  Always keeping the area moist would also work to my advantage in more quickly healing.  We also made my next follow-up appointment for one week later.

After that, the day was pretty much all about resting again.  Much sleeping, and resting of my eyes, and loads of cool compresses—again, more heaven.  By now, I was pretty much into a routine on my own.

I snoozed throughout the day until the kids arrived home from school.  And, speaking of the kids—I carefully explained what I was doing and they have been GREAT.  Not afraid of how I look, and not worried about me.  Just loads of kisses and gentle hugs when I need them.  I even took a few pictures so you could see my progress.  Even though the images I Googled were terrifying, so far, I think I don’t look half bad!  I helped the kids with homework, a friend carpooled them to CCD for me, and after a quick dinner—it was off to la-la land again for me.  A heavier ointment was prescribed for sleeping—to avoid any dry eyes or crustiness when I woke in the morning.  Another Ativan and off to sleep I went.

Stay tuned for my Before and After photos! I can’t wait!

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