Apr. 15, 2014
Deborah Graham Warren

GUMMY BEAR IMPLANTS: The Latest in Pittsburgh Breast Augmentation!

gummy bear implantsHave you considered a breast augmentation, but you’ve been fearful that breast implants may look or feel too phony— or too high and rounded for your age or body shape? 

Well, there’s BIG NEWS in the world of breast implants: The Gummy Bear. And this could be the big advancement in technology that could set your concerns—and your padded bras free!

Gummy Bear Implants FACTS AT-A-GLANCE

  • FDA-approved in 2013
  • Made from a highly cohesive form of silicone gel
  • Teardrop design resembles breast’s natural, anatomical shape
  • Coined “gummy-bear” since the gel maintains form (like a gummy bear) when cut in half
  • Highly durable and holds together uniformly—won’t leak
  • Feels soft and natural to the touch
  • Since it is not liquid, there is no sloshing sensation
  • For patients 22 years or older

Gummy Bear Breast Augmentation FAQ’s

What are gummy bear breast implants?

Gummy in consistency, this latest generation of breast implants (FDA-approved in 2013) is made from a highly-cohesive form of silicone that resembles the popular “Gummy Bear” candy. Due to the solidified gel’s stability, this breast implant feels more like a natural breast—and is expected to hold its shape longer than traditional silicone breast implants or saline breast implants.

Who is the best candidate for a gummy bear implant?

Although nearly any healthy woman aged 22 (or over) is a candidate for a gummy bear breast augmentation, the naturally-sloped shape is becoming quite popular for women over the age of 30-35—who don’t desire the higher, more-rounded shape of round gel breast implants.

What’s the difference between traditional silicone and gummy bear silicone implants?

Although both gummy bear and standard gel breast implants are filled with silicone, designed to feel softer than saline implants, the gummy bear’s cohesive form and sloped, teardrop shape is considered to look and feel more like a natural breast. Traditional silicone gel breast implants have a responsive, jello-like feel yet are more rounded and tend to sit higher, especially when placed under the muscle.

Gummy bear implants are a stronger, premium implants that hold their shape longer, and therefore are priced higher than traditional silicone implants. One of the nicest long-term benefits of gummy bear implants is that the surface of the implant is slightly textured. This texture tends to promote natural tissue growth (attaching to the texture) making gummy bear breast implants less likely to drop over time.

Are there different types of gummy bear breast implants?

Yes! Profiles—or projections—are how far outward the breast projects from the chest. A surgical specialist can help you review your choices during a private, personal consultation, based on your body shape and your desired appearance. Profile styles are not size related, but how the volume is distributed. Profile options include:

  • Full Height, Full Projection
  • Full Height, Moderate Projection
  • Moderate Height, Full Projection
  • Moderate Height, Moderate Projection

Where can I find gummy bear breast implants in Pittsburgh?

At our location in Pittsburgh, breast augmentation utilizing all three types of breast implants (saline, silicone and gummy bear silicone) are performed by Dr. Dominic A Brandy at our fully-licensed ambulatory surgical center located in Mount Lebanon, PA. Dr. Brandy is one of the only cosmetic surgeons who is certified to perform gummy bear breast augmentation in Pittsburgh. Our Pittsburgh breast implants and breast lifts and other types of body contouring (tummy tucks, liposuction, arm lifts, etc.) are among the most popular surgical procedures at The Skin Center Medical Spa.

The best way to choose a the type of breast augmentation that’s right for you is during a complimentary consultation where you can actually touch and feel the different types of breast implants while discussing options that may be right for you!

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