Apr. 24, 2014
Nicole Zanos Conaway

Wanna Get Beach-Body Ready?

We’re Just 8 Weeks Away from Swimsuit Season!

beach bodySpring has arrived, but we’ve already got our sights set on summer—just about 8 weeks from now!  If you want to change your body by swimsuit season, now is the time to book your surgery.  It takes time to recover from body contouring surgery; swelling, busing and incisions all need time to heal.  Typically, we tell our clients to allow themselves 12-weeks to see the full results from their surgery.  So, if you’re considering one of the following surgeries for a great beach body by summer, now is the time to take action and book a consultation.

If you’re considering a non-surgical solution to perfect your problem areas, you need to start your treatments soon!  While non-surgical body contouring treatments don’t require recovery time, they do require time to see the full results. The following are our most popular non-surgical body treatments:

Get the Beach Body You Want!

Don’t wait to get your body swimsuit ready! Book a body contouring consultation now!

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