Jul. 11, 2014
Nicole Zanos Conaway

Exclusive Savings on Botox, Juvederm, Latisse and MORE! Only at The Skin Center!

Blog_Save_Botox_5312013Just in case you were looking for one more reason to keep on lovin’ The Skin Center Medical Spa, we’re giving you one…the brand new Brilliant Distinctions® 365 DAYS OF SAVINGS program that is ONLY AVAILABLE to Skin Center clients in Pittsburgh, PA and Columbus, OH. That’s right… big savings, just for YOU, and only available from US, on all of the Allergan products and treatments that you love!

Here’s how it works…

Over the next 365 days (That’s one year. Do you see where this is going? One year = 365 days of savings!), if you purchase all seven (7) of the Allergan® aesthetic products and treatments which include: one SkinMedica® skin care product; one box of Latisse® eyelash growth treatment; have three (3) Botox® Cosmetic treatments, a Juvederm® XC dermal filler treatment and a Voluma® XC filler treatment, you’ll save $365 through the instant rebates! (That’s like saving 10 percent on each purchase throughout the year!)

But wait, there’s more…

You’ll also receive an additional 1,500 bonus points in your Brilliant Distinctions (BD) account when you purchase all seven (7) products and treatments.

And, that’s not all…

If you are a BD member, but do not purchase all seven (7) of the Allergan aesthetics products and facial treatments throughout the year, you’ll still receive the instant rebates on the purchases you DO make. And, you’ll still accrue BD points on those purchases, too! That’s what we call a win-win! Purchase all seven (7) products and save or purchase just one, two or more products and save.

Here’s how you’ll save…

  • $50 Botox Cosmetic Rebate (up to three rebates in the year = $150 Savings)
  • $75 Juvederm XC Rebate
  • $75 Voluma XC Rebate
  • $40 Latisse Rebate
  • $25 SkinMedica Rebate

Stay with me, people…

(50 x 3) + 75 + 75 + 40 + 25 = $150 + $150 + $65 =

(drum roll, please…)

$365 in savings throughout the year!

Are you feelin’ the love now?

We hope so! We work really, really hard to be the very best medical spa in Pennsylvania and Ohio (and one of the top four in the nation…we’re just sayin’) so we can bring you exclusive savings like these! Our competitors may say they can meet or beat any price, but really they just can’t do it – not with rebates like these. Just to keep you coming back (okay, not you because you’d never go anywhere else, but maybe someone you know), they may tell you they will match our price, but unless you purchase your products and treatments from The Skin Center, through our top-tier Brilliant Distinctions account, you won’t be given these amazingly, awesome rebates.

In fact, those other medical spas don’t even know these Allergan rebates exist! The rebates are so exclusive, only a select few medical spas in the nation are given access to them – and The Skin Center is one of them!

We know you would never even think about visiting one of those other medical spas – and not just because we offer the best prices in town – but because WE know that YOU know our expert injectors are the very best at what they do. And when you’re having a Botox or Juvederm treatment, you really want to feel comfortable that the person doing the injecting actually knows what the heck they are doing! And at The Skin Center, we do!

At The Skin Center, all of our Botox and Juvederm treatments are performed only by expert injectors, all of whom are registered nurses. We also employ a dedicated National Trainer for Allergan, Inc., Debra Thomas, RN. Not only is Debra one of the most sought-after Pittsburgh Botox providers, she’s also the person all the other med spas come to for training.

So, why would you ever go to some other med spa?

You wouldn’t! You come to The Skin Center. And that’s why we can offer you these amazing rebates and special savings. Every Single Day. 365-Days a Year!

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