Oct. 24, 2014
Deborah Graham Warren

Ask Sharon: Cosmetic Surgery Facebook Chat Recap

For nearly 20 years, I’ve enjoyed meeting many wonderful women (and men) as the surgical consultant for Dr. Brandy, Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon and founder of the QuickLift® Face Lift. Over those years, I’ve listened to thousands questions about cosmetic procedures for the face and body. And while cosmetic surgery techniques and technologies continue to evolve over time, two things never seem to change:

  1. People who aren’t quite ready for a personal consultation often have lingering questions that go unanswered.
  2. People aren’t always comfortable asking cosmetic surgery questions in a large group.

So thank you to those of you who did join in our Facebook Chat yesterday. FB isn’t always an easy place to ask questions. And we appreciate your participation! I am happy to answer your questions at any time. (See my email address below!)

Facebook Q&A Recap

Deb: Sharon, when your chat starts…a friend wants me to ask you about fat transfer. Can you REALLY take fat from the abdomen and move it to the breast instead of getting a breast augmentation? How does that work? And does it last?

Sharon: Yes, we can remove fat from any portion of the body and transfer it to the breast, buttocks or face. It is a fast-growing and exciting new procedure which is less invasive than surgery. We call it re-LIPO-sition. It is a permanent result. We over-inject the amount expecting that a portion will not survive the transfer. Studies show on average, patients retain approximately 50% of the transfer.

Cathie: My aunt is thinking about a facelift, will the neck be addressed at the same time?

Sharon: Yes, Cathie, Dr. Brandy’s Quicklift is a vertical lift addressing not only the face and jowl area but also extends into the neck range. So, two procedures would not be necessary.

Brandi Lynn: What is the average number of visits for facial Vein treatment.

Sharon: Brandi Lynn, 2-3 treatments, on average.

Emily: What are the best treatment(s) for tightening and filling in facial lines aside from a face lift? Thanks!

Sharon: Emily, this really depends on the age of the patient. Lines can be addressed with permanent or temporary fillers. There are also non-invasive skin tightening technologies such as Ulthera and Thermage which both boost facial collagen production.

Laura: Hi….my cousin and I were having a discussion recently and I asked her if she was going to have her “girls” (cough cough) for the rest of her life or is there a shelf-life for them?

Sharon: Original silicone implants done before 1991 were recommended after 10 years to be removed and replaced. That is no longer the recommendation. You would leave them alone unless you are having a problem like a deflation or capsular contraction.

Here are a few quick answers to questions I hear most often:

  • How long does it take to recover from a QuickLift? The average patient recovery is 2-3 weeks with a Quicklift.
  • What’s the recovery like from Eye Lid Surgery? Eyelid surgery recovery is usually one week to 10 days.
  • How old should you be to consider facial surgery? Age for facial surgery depends on the type of procedure desired. We do not do facial surgery on anyone under 18.

Still Curious About Cosmetic Surgery? Host a Private Beauty Party!

home party inviteWe’ve recently begun PRIVATE BEAUTY PARTIES toaccommodate groups of girlfriends who are interested in learning more–in the company of friends!

Call us at 800-429-1151 if you’re interested in hosting a party either at your home or at one of our locations.

You bring your friends and we’ll supply everything else!

Also, if you have private questions you’d like to ask but you aren’t quite ready for a consultation, please feel free to email me at Sgroesbeck@brandymd.com

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