Dec. 17, 2014
Laura Ellis

EyeQ Eye Lift – Janie’s Story

Blog_EyeQ_Janie_12172014As a registered nurse, Janie, 61, knows what it means to be tired — 12-hour shifts, physically demanding work, sick and hurting patients that need her attention and care.  Most days, it is a demanding and exhausting job, but at other times schedules and patient loads are manageable, particularly for an experienced professional.  It was on those days, when Janie was rested and ready for her patients, that she noticed something.

“I would walk into a room and a patient would say, ‘Oh honey, you look so tired. Are you doing a second shift?’ Meanwhile, they were the ones who were sick and I was just starting my day. They didn’t mean to say anything hurtful, but it was.  No one wants to be told they look tired all the time.”

Tired of Looking Tired

Janie decided to see what her options were. After doing some research and seeing The Skin Center television commercials for the QuickLift®, she scheduled a consultation and later met with board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Dominic Brandy.

“I was talking with Dr. Brandy about the QuickLift. During our conversation he gave me a mirror and said, ‘Look in the mirror and tell me the first thing that bothers you about your appearance.’ Right away I said the bags under my eyes. No question.”EyeQ Eye Lift 2EyeQ EyeLift

Like many women and men, Janie found that weight fluctuations, genetics and collagen loss due to aging had led to the development of small pockets of fat under her eyes. The bags and resulting puffiness gave the impression that she was perpetually worn out, even after a good night’s sleep. Attempts to address the under-eye area with skincare products produced no results.

“Dr. Brandy told me that all the eye creams in the world would not remove the puffiness because they were caused by pads of fat under the skin.  No product could make them go away,” she said.

Janie decided to move forward with a QuickLift mini facelift surgery, as well as liposuction to her neck, and the EyeQ® Eye Lift to specifically address the under-eye area. During her EyeQ Eye Lift procedure, Dr. Brandy made a very small incision just inside each of her lower eyelids.  A portion of the fat pads under her eyes was removed to eliminate the protruding bags. He then closed the very small, concealed incision on each eye with a single dissolvable stitch. The EyeQ procedure took roughly 20-25 minutes to perform.

Recovery After EyeQ Eyelift

Janie allowed herself two full weeks to heal after her surgeries—a wise move given that her profession is physically demanding.

“I had some bruising, swelling and some numbness from the QuickLift surgery, and I wanted all that gone before returning to work.  Dr. Brandy called me personally to check on me, and the nurses were attentive in following up. When I did go back, because I work with a bunch of nurses, they all wanted to see the incisions. The healing continued in the weeks that followed and I am now absolutely thrilled with the results.  I look natural, not pulled, and the bags are gone.”

A Bright New Outlook

Four years have passed since Janie’s procedures, but the boost in self-confidence she gained post-surgery is still with her.

“Now when I’m driving and I look in the rear review mirror, I can be happy.  It’s a huge difference.  I’m 61 but I can go out with my colleagues who are in their 40s and feel like I can easily fit in with the group.  My husband was very supportive all along the way because he knew how much the bags under my eyes bothered me; he still says it’s the best thing I could have done. I would recommend the procedure to anyone.”

To learn more about the EyeQ Eye Lift, and to see before and after photos, CLICK HERE.

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