Jan. 29, 2015
Laura Ellis

Quicklift Facelift: Beverly’s Story

The Origins of the QuickLift

More than 12 years ago, board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dominic Brandy MD developed the QuickLift® facelift, a revolutionary, minimally-invasive mini-facelift that tightens sagging skin along the jawline and chin, producing immediate, dramatic results with a relatively short amount of downtime, when performed alone.  Since then, close to 3,000 QuickLift® procedures have been performed at The Skin Center alone, and physicians from across the United States travel to Pittsburgh to train with Dr. Brandy to learn the QuickLift surgical technique.

Behind every one of our QuickLift procedures is a personal story about what brought those to The Skin Center for the facelift surgery; Beverly’s story is one of our favorites.

Beverly’s Story

BeverlyKlimp_coupleA bubbly and energetic 71 year-old, Beverly had always taken good care of herself, following a healthy diet and staying active with exercise.   She and her husband of 22 years – both avid Texas two-step dancers — had a busy and full life, but she admits that she wasn’t happy when she noticed that her skin was becoming more lax.

“My husband is 14 and-a-half years younger than I am,” says Beverly.  “We look and feel good, and age was never an issue for him, but it was a concern for me because I didn’t want to start looking so much older than him.  When I began to notice sagging jowls — that was what bothered me the most.”

She decided to do something about it.

Having seen the QuickLift advertised on television, Beverly did her research on the procedure and on Dr. Brandy, too.  “I was careful. I looked at Dr. Brandy’s credentials.  When I saw where he trained, where he had worked, and what he had accomplished, I felt confident about going to him.  I was also impressed that I would not have to be under anesthesia for long.”

Beverly’s husband was by her side, but the decision to have surgery was entirely Beverly’s.

“He was very supportive but he said, ‘Do it for you, not for me. I love how you look.’ I went ahead, and now, those jowls – the QuickLift took them away! It made a huge difference in my appearance.”

Beverly proved to be a model patient, following Dr. Brandy’s instructions with regard to diet, exercise and lifestyle choices.

“I get so many compliments now, not just on the results of the procedure, but also on my complexion.  I’m a healthy eater, and I keep up with using moisturizers and with working out.  Dr. Brandy is very strong on that, drinking water, eating healthy.”

In addition to the QuickLift, Beverly had liposuction along the jowl line, and an eye peel to smooth, brighten and reduce fine lines in the eye area.

A Smooth Recovery

“I bruise easily — it runs in my family — but he [Dr. Brandy] was very good about making sure about my blood level, and about whether I ate or did not eat certain foods to reduce bruising and swelling.   I was out on the dance floor within a week and a half, with just a little bit of makeup.   I had minimal discomfort; nothing that would ever stop me from doing it again.”

A Surprising Post-Surgery Outcome

The results of the surgery have created some unexpected consequences.  Beverly explains:

“A few years ago while living in Texas, I wanted to get the shingles vaccine.  This was when they first came out with the vaccine and there was a waiting list. When I finally went, the pharmacist looked at me and said, ‘I’m sorry ma’am but y’all have to be 60 to get this vaccine.’  I explained that I was 67, but he said, ‘Well ma’am, I’m going have to see some proof of age.’   I was carded on my shingles vaccine!”

A similar incident occurred while she and her husband were doing what they call “treasure hunting” at a local Goodwill.

“They made me get my driver’s license out of the car to access the senior discount,” she says, laughing. “I couldn’t believe it was happening again.”

Asked if she told friends and family about her procedure, she says she’s always been very open about it.  “I’m an ‘up and at ’em kind of person.  I didn’t cover it up.  I say hey, it’s available, in the same way that you can get your teeth fixed or your hair colored.  I could afford it because we don’t spend money on fancy trips.  I’d rather feel good and be happy here at home, then go away and come back feeling bad about yourself.”

And feel good they do.  Beverly and her husband continue to tear up the two-step wherever they go.

“When we go to the dances, they say ‘here come the kids,’” says Beverly.  “These are senior dances, but still it just cracks me up because while he’s a young pup, I’m 71 years old.”

To learn more about the QuickLift, and to see before and after photos, CLICK HERE

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