Feb. 26, 2015
Laura Ellis

Body Sculpting Transformation After Three C-Sections: Jessica’s Story

After multiple C-sections, many moms have trouble getting their pre-baby shape back—no many how many crunches, sit-ups and exercise DVDs they do. Yet there’s a fat transfer procedure at The Skin Center that Dr. Brandy has developed called “Re-LIPO-sition” that can work wonders to flatten that belly and bring body confidence back.

Jessica’s Story

Blog_JessicaHaving had three children and three C-sections over seven years, Jessica’s body had been through a lot at 36 years old.  Not only had she weathered the changes that take place as a result of multiple pregnancies, Jessica was also left with a pocket of loose, hanging skin in her stomach area because her doctors had performed each of her C-sections through the same scar.

As any mom knows, keeping up with three little ones is a round-the-clock job, but when her youngest finished breast feeding, she decided it was time to get her body back.  And she worked hard at it.

“I was finally at a point where I felt I could take a little time to focus on me,” she says. “I committed to healthy eating, and got back to an exercise routine.  I really cleaned up my diet, and I did well.  I lost 15 pounds on my own, and dropped 11 inches. I felt great, but the pouch in my lower belly — there was so much scar tissue — I could do crunches forever and it wouldn’t have made a difference.”

Realizing that this was an area she could never change on her own, she went to see board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dominic Brandy, MD, at the Skin Center Medical Spa.

Restoring and Re-sculpting with Re-LIPO-sition

“After my consultation with Dr. Brandy, I was completely confident. He is an artist.  When you first meet with him, he asks what areas bother you the most, takes photographs, and then draws on those photos so that you can see what you can expect when he’s done.”

While her main interest was addressing the loose skin on her stomach, Jessica saw the added benefit of including the Re-LIPO-sition procedure along with a tummy tuck for complete body sculpting.

“At first I wasn’t sure — I thought my butt was big enough — I do squats to try and give it a better shape.  But Dr. Brandy showed me photos of patients who had had just a little bit fat transferred to the top of the butt area.  You could see how this area flattens out as we age, and how much better and more balanced your shape is once that natural roundness is restored.”

Just before Christmas this past year, Jessica had a lower or mini tummy tuck, and Re-LIPO-sition procedure.  During Re-LIPO-sition, Dr. Brandy removed fat from her belly, back and the tops of her legs, and repositioned some of that fat to her butt area.

“Christmas probably wasn’t the best in terms of healthy eating, but it was ideal because my husband was around and the kids had breaks from school and most of their activities,” says Jessica.  “We spent a lot of time at home playing with toys, and not running around.”

Jessica took a four-week break before getting back to the gym, and is grateful to her husband for helping out while she healed.  “I could not have done it without him. He’s been really supportive. He said that he always thought that I looked beautiful, but that if [this area of my body] was something that bothered me, he would support my decision.”

Around three to four weeks post-surgery, Jessica says she felt almost back to normal.

“I bruise very easily, and although I could see the results right away, I did have some initial swelling and bruising, which is to be expected. Dr. Brandy checked in on me, and the nurses were awesome.  They really put you at ease and follow through to make sure your healing process is going smoothly.”

No Longer Dreading Swimsuit Season

While most of Jessica’s home town was in a deep freeze at the time this blog was written, Jessica was already looking forward to summer.

“I feel so much better!  I no longer feel like I have to hide my belly with clothes.  I used to dread trying on bathing suits and going to the pool.  This year, I want to take the kids to a water park.  That is huge for me.”

A Natural Outcome

Jessica is particularly pleased that her results look like her, only better.

“It looks like I achieved these changes with diet and exercise. I look natural — it does not look like I had work done.  Dr. Brandy did an awesome job.  He changed the things I couldn’t change on my own, even though I was trying my hardest. The change is unbelievable.”

To learn more, view Re-LIPO-sition before and after photos or to schedule a consultation, log on to www.theskincentermd.com.

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