Feb. 5, 2015
Deborah Graham Warren

“MY PANTS NOW FIT!”: Diane’s CoolSculpting Story

Over the past several years, CoolSculpting® by ZELTIQ® has become a very popular means for both men and women to rid themselves of areas of stubborn fat, like saddlebags and muffin tops—without liposuction or surgery. It’s a simple and effective treatment for candidates with fat areas that simply won’t go away through diet and exercise alone.

The idea that cold can actually eliminate fat cells—by killing them—without causing any damage to the surrounding tissue and skin was the insight behind Cryolipolysis®, the proven science on which the CoolSculpting procedure is based.

Diane’s Story

Coolsculpting FrontCoolsculpting BACKDiane describes herself as a very conservative accountant. Never before had she considered doing any type of cosmetic surgery or MedSpa treatment.

With a size 4 waist and size 8 thighs, clothes shopping for pants had been a virtual nightmare for Diane.

“My natural body shape is curvy to the extreme,” she said. “No matter the brand (and I’ve tried them all) pants have been either too tight in the thighs or too loose in the waist. I could literally try on fifty pairs of pants and not find ONE single pair that fits without resorting to alterations. I would usually take my friend shopping with me for an honest assessment during ‘the pant hunt.’ It was exhausting for both of us!”

More than frustrated and out of patience, Diane decided to do something. She did her research and explored a variety of surgical and non-surgical body sculpting techniques.

“I looked at different options to help slim down my thighs… including surgery, liposuction and laser technologies. The thought of downtime with surgery didn’t appeal to me. I learned about CoolSculpting and I went to a another CoolSculpting provider in the area. With no downtime, the technology sounded great! But I didn’t feel comfortable with that particular provider,” Diane continued. “She was rather pushy and seemed like more of a salesperson, trying to urge me into a quick decision. As I mentioned before, I’m basically a conservative person. I’m an accountant (laughs) and I don’t like making decisions under pressure.”

Then, Diane found The Skin Center. “I saw that The Skin Center was running a promotional offer at the beginning of last year,” she said. “So I came in to meet with CoolSculpting provider, Kasey Chester. What a different experience!”

“Kasey was a fabulous listener and immediately put me at ease. Her approach was conservative. In fact, she did the exact opposite of that other provider. She encouraged me to WAIT before getting treatment, because there was a new type of CoolSculpting applicator, called ‘CoolSmooth’ that would be available in 6 months. Kasey felt that the CoolSmooth applicator would probably better suit my needs in the thigh area than the traditional applicator.”

“Kasey’s honest approach demonstrated the kind of integrity that your competitor lacked. I felt so comfortable about it that I committed to a CoolSculpting package with Kasey. It was my decision without feeling any sales pressure.”

Diane had a total of four treatments, spaced two months apart,” said Kasey. “We treated her inner AND outer thighs, as well as her “flanks.”

Diane was excited. “I saw great results after the very first treatment,” she remarked. “And I also lost about 8 pounds since starting treatment. I’m thrilled to report that with CoolSculpting’s help, I’ve gone from a size 8 to a size 2!”

“CoolSculpting has totally met—even exceeded—my expectations! Now, I can walk into Talbots knowing that the chances are good that the very first pair of pants I try on will FIT!! And as a bonus, I look better in a bikini! I feel more confident—everywhere I go!”

Is CoolSculpting right for you? CLICK HERE to request a consultation.

Having earned the designation as a “Center of Excellence” from ZELTIQ®, the makers of CoolSculpting, The Skin Center Medical Spa has the experience you can trust. The “Center of Excellence” designation is given to medical spa practices that have met strict training guidelines and patient treatment criteria.

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