Feb. 19, 2015
Laura Ellis

Fat Transfer with Re-LIPO-sition: Courtney’s Story

Post-pregnancy blues aren’t just driven by hormones. After the joys of giving birth to their children, many women’s bodies simply don’t rebound back to their pre-baby shape. Even with exercise, excess fat and skin accumulation around the mid-section can be devastating to one’s self-image. Thankfully, at The Skin Center, Dr. Brandy’s unique advances in body sculpting / body contouring, there’s a unique fat transfer procedure he calls Re-LIPO-sition that can bring a mom’s body back into equilibrium. They can reclaim that hourglass shape—and their body confidence once again.

Courtney’s Story

Courtney_ReLIPOAs the 31-year-old mother of young children ages 11, 7 and 4, Courtney loved being a mom, but found that three pregnancies had left an impact on her body that was affecting her spirit and robbing her of her joy in life.  The body that had accomplished the miracle of bringing three healthy new lives into this world had chosen not to bounce back. Unlike the fortunate few women who experience no stretch marks and who are able to return to something close to their pre-baby body shape, Courtney was left with extra weight around her middle and a loose stomach pouch that she tried every which way to hide.

“My stomach really bothered me, and I would try all kinds of ways to cover it,” says Courtney.  “If you look at pictures you will see that I am always standing behind someone, or holding a big purse in front of me.”

“I hated putting clothes on, hated getting ready,” she adds.  “If you think of the idea of a frumpy mom, I was that mom – I wore sweatshirts, loose tops, nothing form fitting.  I always went for the highest waist jeans I could find so my belly wouldn’t hang over.”

When she had finally had enough, Courtney made an appointment with board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Dominic Brandy, founder and medical director of The Skin Center Medical Spa, to talk about a tummy tuck, but waited almost a year before following up.  On that next consult, Dr. Brandy proposed adding a new treatment option, Re-LIPO-sition, a fat transfer procedure in which fat is removed to slim or sculpt one area via liposuction, and is then transferred to another part of the body where volume has been lost.

“Re-LIPO-sition was something I had not considered, because it was not available at the time of my first visit.  Dr. Brandy said he thought the treatment would be great for me and I’ m so glad I took his advice.”

Dr. Brandy completed Courtney’s tummy tuck and Re-LIPO-sition treatment on the same day.  Using a very thin cannula, Dr. Brandy performed liposuction along her waist, back, love handles, upper thighs, and the backs of her arms.  A small portion of the fat that was removed was put through a cleaning process, then re-injected in the buttocks area, where women tend to lose shape and volume over time.

Courtney states that she did have some swelling and light bruising as a result of the liposuction, but that the biggest challenge was being patient while her body healed from the tummy tuck procedure.

“I experienced some of what I would call discomfort, but no pain.  The healing process was quick, but you do need to allow yourself time because it is surgery.  My mother was with me to help with the kids – she and my husband were a great support system.”

A New Outlook on Life

For Courtney, the results of her surgery run more than skin deep.

“Now I’m happy to put on clothes, I’m happy to put on makeup. I love shopping, and things I would never have looked at before, I’ll try on. Before all I wore was black, my closet was all dark colors – anything to not draw attention to myself.

“I could be doing 1,000 crunches a day and that skin on my stomach would still be there if I hadn’t decided to go for it. It was the best decision I ever made, because it gave me my life back. Not my body, my life.

The Beginning of a Healthier Lifestyle

Courtney is determined to maintain the results of her surgery. She is aware that while liposuction can reshape the body and remove fat from areas that are not responsive to diet and exercise, it does not prevent weigh gain if a person chooses to overeat or lead a sedentary lifestyle. She knows that if she wants to continue to look and feel great, she is going to have to do the work.

“I am definitely more aware now.  I don’t want to go back to what I had before.  It’s not a miracle – you have to do your part.”

Watch Courtney’s video story and view before and after photos HERE. To schedule a consultation, visit www.theskincentermd.com

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