Feb. 12, 2015
Laura Ellis

Re-LIPO-sitioning for a New You: Karen’s Story

As women age, our bodies lose their youthful curves. Muscle and glandular loss causes the buttocks and breast area to flatten, while our waist becomes fuller due to fat accumulation, often even if there is little overall change in weight. Re-LIPO-sition surgery at The Skin Center Medical Spa offsets these changes through a fat transfer technique—the aesthetic removal of excess fat that is then transferred to areas that lack fullness and volume

Karen’s Story

Blog_BeachKaren admits that when it comes to maintaining a youthful figure, she had it pretty easy for a long time.  Naturally slim and toned, the now 48 year-old enjoyed a healthy weight and athletic shape through her 20s and 30s, without too much bother.  She was one of those people that those of us who have struggled with weight since our teens view as being blessed with “good genes”.  But time does catch up with all of us, as it did finally for Karen.

When the Person in the Mirror Can’t Be You

“To be honest, I never really had to worry about dieting or exercise,” she says.  “I was always fit, never had any body issues, and overall was pretty confident.  When I turned 40, however, things changed.  It seemed almost overnight. Suddenly I found that clothes didn’t fit the same; I couldn’t wear the jeans I had always worn.  I worked out, but I was carrying extra weight around my stomach and waist.  I know that our bodies change with age, but I wasn’t prepared.”

For several years Karen dealt with her shape-shifting body by simply not looking at herself in the mirror. “I was really hard on myself — all women are — but I finally decided I was going to do something about it.”

Reclaiming the Hour Glass

Karen met with board-certified cosmetic surgeon and The Skin Center founder, Dominic Brandy, MD, who talked with her about Re-LIPO-sition, a fat transfer procedure in which unwanted fat is removed from the belly, waist, back, arms or thighs through liposuction surgery, and is then injected into the buttocks and/or breasts where fullness and youthful volume have been lost.

In Karen’s case, Dr. Brandy recommended removing the excess in her stomach and the love handles that had developed around her middle, and transferring the fat to her buttocks where Karen, like most women, had lost muscle mass and some of her curves as a result of time and gravity.

It takes a lot of trust to allow someone to essentially resculpt a portion of your body, but Karen had no doubts in choosing to have Dr. Brandy handle the procedure.

“During the consult, he was so focused, so clear on what he was recommending.  I felt confident that he had the same vision as I did in terms of results.”

The Re-LIPO-sition Procedure

During Karen’s Re-LIPO-sition® surgery, Dr. Brandy removed fat around her waist area with a very thin cannula, and put it through a purification process.  Dr. Brandy then carefully injected the fat into the buttocks area to create aesthetically pleasing curves in proportion with her body type and in line with the outcomes they had discussed. Once the injection had taken place, he then shaped and massaged into the fat into place for a smooth, natural effect.

A Quick Recovery

Karen enjoyed a smooth recovery, and was back at work five days after her surgery.

She credits the fact that she carefully followed the food, rest and exercise plan she was given in advance with the speed at which her body healed.

“I had a cruise booked three months after the surgery, and I was worried that I would not be able to wear a bathing suit because of swelling or bruising.  Instead there I was wearing a bikini, and I had no visible bruises at all.”

Added Benefits

Karen is thrilled with her results, but the positive outcomes go beyond what she sees in the mirror.

“Having the procedure has actually made me healthier,” she says. “Because  I finally have the body back that I was so missing — and I would even say that what I see now is actually better than what I had even when I was younger —  it has inspired me to watch what I eat, and keep up with exercise and walking.

Considering fat transfer with Re-LIPO-sition?

“Dr. Brandy did a beautiful job, and I would recommend the treatment to anyone. From my personal experience, Dr. Brandy is a perfectionist; he wants the best results, and you can feel that when you are in the consult, and during the treatment. You know that he is going to take good care of you.”

And what advice would she give to someone who is considering a similar treatment?

“If there is something that is making you unhappy, just do it.  Go for it.  You’re going to be quite happy when you’re done.”

To learn more and see before and after photos of women who have had re-LIPO-sition surgery, or to schedule a consultation, visit www.theskincentermd.com.

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