Apr. 16, 2015
Laura Ellis

Brother and Sister See Beautiful Results After Blepharoplasty

While writing about surgery of any kind is typically a serious endeavor, talking with siblings George and Susan about their recent EyeQ Eyelift procedures was way more fun than any interview this blogger has done before.

The brother and sister pair (she is older by 13 months, he quickly points out) decided to do something about the under-eye bags that they both inherited after George made a two-part executive decision. Firstly, the bags had to go because he was tired of looking tired, and secondly, his sister had no choice but to join him because “she needed the procedure even more than me.”

Joking aside, the two had both personal and professional reasons for wanting to refresh their appearance.  As co-owners of a salon, they were in front of mirrors most of their working day.  With their reflections ever present, there was no escaping the fact that aging was accentuating the dark circles and puffiness under their eyes.

EyeQ_Pittsburgh_Portrait_204940“We are in the beauty business, and everyone is very critical of appearance.  It can make you more conscious of how you look,” says George, who turned 50 last year.  “My bags are hereditary.  The circles and puffiness do not go away no matter what product you use. They just do not.  I’d have clients in my chair who would say, ‘Are you sick?  Are you tired?’  I’d say yes, I’m tired, just to go along with it, and then they’d say, ‘I can tell.’”

Eventually, he’d had enough, and talked with his wife about doing something about his eyes when he turned 50.

“She said, ‘Absolutely, you need to get them done.’ So from there it was a question of where to have the procedure.

“I see a lot of women who have had elective surgery, because I work with them closely and I can see around the hairline.  You see the difference between what is done well, and what could have been done more meticulously.”

After being impressed by the results of a client who had had the EyeQ treatment at The Skin Center, and then seeing her before and after photos, George was ready to step up.  “I thought, ‘Mary looks fabulous.’  If she looks that good, this is something I can do.”

Susan took a bit more convincing.

“At first I said no – I wasn’t that vain, like George. I did it because George made me,” she says laughing, adding, “He is prettier than me.”

The two had consultations with board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dominic Brandy, MD, and were impressed by the EyeQ Eyelift technique Dr. Brandy had developed to remove under-eye bags.

“He showed us how he makes the cut inside the lower eyelid, rather than along the lash line.  He explained that if the cut is made on the lash line, there is potential for the skin to retract and pull, and this puts you at higher risk of the lid drooping down.

“I could see that Dr. Brandy is a perfectionist.  He was very candid about how he has changed the way he does things over the years.  He is not too proud to make changes in his technique if it brings better results. That puts you at ease because he wants to do it right.”

George and Susan’s procedures were scheduled back to back on the same day. “We only live four houses apart, and we went together,” says George.  The two were excited, but Susan did feel some twinges of anxiety.

“You do pause, because they [Dr. Brandy and the team] are changing the looks of you.  You are who you are, whether you have wrinkles, or you’re balding — when you have surgery, you are changing that.”

Despite a few jitters, both procedures went smoothly.  In addition to the removal of the fat pads under their eyes, both Susan and George had a chemical peel to smooth and tighten the skin in the eye area.  George also had a small amount of fat transferred to his face to lift his cheekbone area and add facial volume that had been lost as a result of aging.

Both siblings were careful to stick to the post-surgery guidelines regarding rest, medication and diet.  George was back at work one week post-surgery, while Susan took two weeks off. She reminds him that he should have given himself more time.

“You went back to soon,” she chides him.  “Your eyes were red.  I think two weeks was perfect.  I felt rested, and I was careful not to strain my eyes.  I had no bruising at all, just some redness around the eyes from the peel.”

“There is no pain involved in recovery,” she adds, “but you do have irritation around the stitch and your eyes water for a while.”

Both are thrilled with the results.

EyeQ_Pittsburgh_Portrait_204941A lot of people now say, “You look really different,’” says Susan.  “When I was younger my mother used to tease me about the bags under my eyes. She’d say ‘you must be going on a trip because you have those bags.’ I would personally say that I’m glad that I had it done. I like that I don’t look tired. Plus, that concealer that I used to cover up my dark circles — it’s history.  I don’t need it anymore.”

George adds, “The recovery was faster than I anticipated.  When my mother had her eyes done years ago, she was heavy black and blue.  Now I tell everyone that my bags were deployed.  They say, ‘in your car?’ and I say no, my eyes!”

“I was looking at some old photos and I can see that George looks more like his graduation picture,” says Susan.  “With the eyes and the fat transfer, Dr. Brandy returned his face to the shape he had when he was younger. His cheekbones — they had dropped. Now they are higher, where they were before.”

George is not shy about spreading the good news to his clients.

“I tell my ladies, why walk around carrying three bags, when the only one you want people to look at is the one on your shoulder?  Get rid of them!”

“It’s an investment,” he adds. “Afterward you feel more positive about yourself. You are motivated to take better care of your skin and your body.    I’m back to the gym, I want to lose weight — it makes you want to get back into your routine. It [the recovery time] is a small sacrifice for a great gain.”

To see before and after photos, and to learn more about the EyeQ Eyelift procedure click www.theskincentermd.com.


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