Apr. 23, 2015
Beth Beck

What Can Swiss Scientists Teach Us About “That Youthful Glow”?

Youth in a bottle…we all want it, but these days, pretty bottles and empty promises abound. It pays to be skeptical when countless celebs seem to be pushing a new “miracle” product every week.

As we’re inundated with mystery ingredients and claims we shouldn’t believe on face value alone, it’s important to continue to be vigilant in educating ourselves. It’s our goal to help you wade through the noise to make informed decisions about skincare.

Just last week NEOCUTIS hosted The Skin Center Medical Spa at an exclusive training to announce a welcome addition to their product offering. We’re pleased to share what we’ve learned.

What IS the Extracellular Matrix (ECM)? Why Should it Matter to You?

ECM stands for Extracellular Matrix—think of it as scaffolding for the cells that helps with vital functions related to skin tissue structure, maintenance and repair. This structure is what gives us that youthful look—firm, supple skin—free of sags and bags.

As we age, this structure weakens, causing visual signs of aging (loss of elasticity and firmness/ more fine lines and wrinkles) to present themselves with reckless, unwelcome abandon in the ECM. But, WHAT IF there was a product that could slow or reverse the breakdown of our precious ECM…?

Tighten Up: Elastin IS Your Friend.

We already know quite a bit about the NEOCUTIS offering. It boasts some of the best products driven by technologies that feature Processed Skin Cell Proteins (PSP®), which harness the power of human growth factors and cytokines to help deliver state-of-the-art skin revitalization. We’ve embraced it for aiding in the fight against public enemy number one: volume loss (AKA collagen breakdown).

Now there’s a new player from our Swiss friends: Micro·Essentials Powered by MPC™ (Micro Protein Complex), to address public enemy number two: the worrisome sag (AKA loss of elastin).

Used in a mix and match fashion under the direction of our expert clinicians, you have a dynamic means to take on and take down the dreaded volume loss AND sag/bag debacle that’s written all over our faces.

It’s not EITHER/OR, it’s probably more like a little of this and some of that—a multifaceted approach combining products from various product lines to help address the signs of aging, including skin elasticity, firmness and fine lines and wrinkles with specific micro-proteins, which are foundational and necessary for youthful-looking skin.

Are We There Yet?

To recap: As we age, the skin is damaged; that’s life! In response, signals are given off to restore and repair the damage by triggering the formation of small peptides or micro-proteins. The peptides promote the formation of new ECM components, including collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid to rejuvenate the skin.

Wonderful, right? But wouldn’t you just know it, as we age, those powerful little peptides are less readily available naturally.

Shout Out to Science & Swiss Experts!

Thank goodness for science, which picks up where nature leaves off, allowing a synthetic blend of specific peptides to target the visual signs of aging. This patent-pending, breakthrough anti-aging alternative offers a synthetic approach to support the maintenance of healthy skin.

Exclusive to NEOCUTIS and available exclusively at The Skin Center Medical Spa, Micro·Essentials Powered by MPC™ (Micro Protein Complex) represents a new generation of skin rejuvenating micro-proteins to add to your anti-aging arsenal.

Thanks, Science.

The New Players in the NEOCUTIS Product Line:



Multi-functional cream helps restore moisture and provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 30 sun protection. Complete daily anti-aging formula helps revitalize and protect skin from environmental stress.



Delivers essential nourishment to help revitalize and rejuvenate the appearance of skin through a combination of MPC, glycerin and essential moisturizing lipids to provide nightly anti-aging benefits with power of micro-proteins.



Multi-tasking eye cream powered by MPC is formulated with hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and caffeine to help improve the signs of skin aging in the delicate eye area.



Formulated with MPC and a blend of complementary ingredients to help address the complex signs of aging including firmness, elasticity, tone and texture. Put the Science of Swiss Skincare on Your Side.

The science of skincare runs deep. Call or visit The Skin Center Medical Spa today to schedule your FREE skincare consultation. Allow our experts to partner with you to see if and how you might benefit from this product line or other medical-grade products, skincare treatments and anti-aging technologies.

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