May. 14, 2015
Beth Beck

Botox: I’m The Hypocrite Who Got It…Judge Me If You Must.

This is going to be a tough blog to write—I’m swallowing my pride and exposing my grand hypocrisy with every measly keystroke.

BECAUSE I GOT BOTOX® AND I REALLY, REALLY LIKE IT…which, would be no big deal, but I am that girl. You know the one:

  • Vocal about the merits of aging naturally and gracefully
  • Preachy about accepting yourself as you are
  • Ever encouraging others to embrace their perceived imperfections
  • Blah, blah, blah…

I am the judgmental one in the corner taking stock of the size of your lips, well not always, but sometimes, and now my forehead is darn smooth and I am eating a crow sandwich.

My boss told me this could be an anonymous blog, but then I would be a hypocrite AND a coward. It would also defeat the purpose of saying all the riveting things I’m about to say.

You see, I sent my boss, who we’ll call Mary, because that’s her name, a text that read: “I love Botox. Sh#% I love it.” She thought it was hilarious.

She told me I should immediately (even though it was my day off) expose myself as that girl…the one who was ANTI, but who is now on board the Botox train to happy land. (She didn’t mean I had to write this on my day off, but I did it anyway because that’s the kind of kick-butt employee I am.)

About Me…

I’m 42 ½ and fairly fabulous. I’m generally not obsessive about fighting father time. I like to eat well, exercise and get plenty of sleep. I don’t invest big money on skincare products or makeup, mostly because I’m cheap, and partly because that’s one shopping addiction I’ve never quite cultivated.

Also noteworthy, I had a long ugly history with cystic acne, which I finally took Accutane to combat a couple of years ago. It was a freaking miracle for me. My skin is amazing today, and I owe it all to a somewhat controversial pharmaceutical! Being on Accutane was really hard, but the end result was worth every dry, irritating moment.

Frankly, wrinkles were never on my radar. I just wanted to be free of acne, which is more than a buzz kill whether you’re middle aged or in middle school. It didn’t even occur to me that I had wrinkles until the acne was gone. Truth be told, I still didn’t really care all that much.

But, I was curious about Botox. I talked to some people and they really had good things to say about it. They didn’t look frozen or plastic, but they looked fresh. Who doesn’t like fresh?

And even though I love my skin and it has never been clearer, I was starting to dislike my forehead that had expression lines even when I wasn’t making an expression. It was a little Shar Pei-ish and I’m allergic to dogs.

But, I was still very hesitant. I thought, “Beth, this is a slippery slope…Beth, Botox is the gateway drug in this particular addiction tale…Beth, you are such a freakin’ hypocrite.”

And Then, I Tried Botox Anyway.

But before I did, I decided I wasn’t going to hide it for one single second. It’s not some dirty little secret and I’m not embarrassed or ashamed. And I said it before and I’ll say it again: I really, really like it.

I like it because I don’t look weird or unlike myself or frozen—I just don’t have five creases in my forehead 24/7. I still have fine lines—I’m 42 years old, mind you—I’m not trying to look younger, just less skeptical and angry.

I like it because it gave my eyebrows a little lift—not a “Spock-like” lift—because the expert injectors here are absolute pros who don’t make those sort of rookie mistakes! The lift just makes me look awake, refreshed…and open to whatever. I look nicer; which makes me feel nicer; which is nice because I’m not all that nice :)

I like it because it feels like there’s an ever-so-subtle piece of tape on my forehead and it’s totally soothing. I know, that might sound weird and that sensation is going to go away anyway, but I like the way it feels.

I like it because I grimace often, make lots of faces, clench my face and forehead and suffer from tension headaches and migraines. Thanks to my friend B, I don’t have so much tension up there on my forehead. I’m not squinting and scowling with the same force. The muscles still move, silly, just not with as much intensity. I’m not suggesting that I’m not getting headaches because I got Botox—that’s an entirely different blog and one you need to talk to your doc about if you are looking to get Botox for that specific purpose.

I like it because I learned a lesson about “never saying never” and keeping my own judgmental nonsense in check.

What I Learned About Botox And Myself.

I learned that Botox doesn’t hurt all that much. There are a couple of pinches, but it literally takes minutes to administer the actual injections. I only treated my forehead so I can’t attest to what the crow’s feet area feels like. Bottom line: It didn’t hurt nearly enough to be procedure prohibitive. By the final injection, I was kinda like “ouch,” but by then, Kathy said: “And, that’s it!”

The part that takes time is getting to know your injector. The relationship is essential and trust is key. The registered nurse who treated me was Kathy Allen, an expert in wrinkle-relaxing treatments and dermal filler injections who has been at The Skin Center for 12 years.

Kathy wanted to know what bothered me and then she talked me through the process. Then, she made some marks on my face and did the injections. There was no blood, no bruising and barely even any red marks. I went right back to work without applying a stitch of concealer!

Kathy told me to come back in two weeks to see how we both felt about the results. I liked her. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to do this with a pro!

I also learned Botox isn’t immediate. Who knew?! It takes about a week to 10 days to get your final and best result. I didn’t feel a thing or notice any difference for about four days. And then, I knew I was going to freaking love it!

And finally, I learned that Botox doesn’t have to be shameful, a slippery slope or an obsession. I can get it or not. I can write a blog about it and own it. I can be a fan and not give a rat’s behind who feels compelled to judge me for it.

Ultimately, what other people think about me is out of my hands. And if someone is doing something to his/her face (or bod) that I think is a big mistake, I should probably shut up about it (unless he/she specifically asks me for my opinion.)

So, get Botox or don’t. It’s your choice. But if you do decide to try it, come see us! Currently ranked as the #1 medical spa in Pennsylvania and Ohio and in the top-10 nationally for three-years running by Allergan, Inc. (the makers of Botox® Cosmetic), we can say that we’re the best because industry leaders have said so…and because we are.

And, if you’re a first-timer like me, fill out this form and take advantage of our $99 Botox Express Offers.

Maybe I’ll see you in the waiting room!

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