Jun. 4, 2015
Beth Beck

CoolSculpting Helped Chris Mueller of 93.7 The Fan Lose His Love Handles!

Chris Mueller head shotLike so many of us, Chris didn’t love his love handles. He took action to address his stubborn problem areas with a procedure called CoolSculpting® Body Contouring at The Skin Center Medical Spa.

A non-surgical fat removal treatment that’s performed with as few as one, or in a series of many in-office transformative treatments, CoolSculpting features little-to-no downtime and undeniable results!

FDA-cleared, non-invasive and clinically proven, the treatment eliminates fat through patented cooling technology—literally revolutionizing the body-sculpting industry—and transforming Chris’ body and the bodies of other men and women who have stubborn problem areas that exercise and diet alone fail to address.

CoolScultping can tackle bulges while subtracting inches from notorious trouble spots, including:

  • Love Handles (Flanks)
  • Abdominal Fat
  • Lower Back Fat & Upper Back Fat (Bra Roll)
  • Inner & Outer Thighs
  • Upper Arms

It literally freezes and kills fat cells, enabling the body’s lymphatic system to excrete them naturally over time. Once the cells themselves are gone—they’re gone FOREVER!

An amazingly good sport, Chris is pretty open and forthcoming about his entire experience. Here’s Chris’ whole cool CoolSculpting tale…

Chris Considers CoolSculpting…

I’m Chris Mueller, host of a sports talk show on 93.7 The Fan. I decided to check out CoolSculpting because looking in the mirror and seeing a paunchy guy staring back at me wasn’t particularly fun or good for my self-esteem.

Even though I’ve been training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon in May and eating better (oatmeal, veggies, protein—you get the idea), I’m still seeing trouble spots. I don’t think I could lose my love handles even if I lost more weight than I even need to lose! I was hoping to see more in the way of tangible results for all of my efforts—I think a little visible progress would go a long way to help me push forward in my health and fitness routines.

From what I’ve seen and heard about CoolSculpting; amazing before and after pictures, non-invasive, fairly painless and no downtime—it appears like a real winner for losing the love handles and gaining confidence. I’m optimistic, so here I go…

CoolSculpting: Take One!

The procedure itself was a breeze—I was in and out in just over an hour and my provider, Kasey, was friendly, professional and put me totally at ease. She started off by marking the area where the applicator would be positioned, so I grabbed a magazine, laid on my side and things were off and running.

There was no real discomfort at all with the applicator. It froze my skin, but the process was so gradual that there was no “cold shock” feeling at all. Obviously, there was a numbing effect during and after the treatment, but that was mostly gone later in the day, and completely gone within 24 hours. A week after my first treatment, the treated “handle” was back to normal with zero redness, numbness or discomfort of any kind.

With Kasey checking in on me on multiple occasions during the treatment, I knew I was in good hands—it was as positive a patient experience as I’ve had anywhere. The entire staff at The Skin Center was courteous, friendly and treated me like a friend.

With my first CoolSculpting treatment now in the books, I feel great. And, while results don’t happen instantly, I know from my reading and talking to Kasey that I could start to see an improvement within two weeks. I’m very excited to have my other “handle” done!

CoolSculpting Take Two: LIVE on the Air!

Still doubting how easy and comfortable CoolSculpting is? Consider this: I had my second side done while I was talking sports LIVE on 93.7 The Fan!

This time, it was even easier, thanks to the distraction of my job and the fact that I was already seeing results from my first treatment. Everyone at work keeps asking me the same question: “Chris, does it really work?” I’m very happy to tell them: “YES, it does!”

I understand why they’re asking—CoolSculpting seems too good to be true— with no pain or downtime after the treatment. I guess we all assume we’ll have to suffer to improve the way we look, which just isn’t the case with this treatment.

One great CoolSculpting side effect; because I’ve started to see results, I’ve become more motivated and disciplined with my diet and exercise. It has complemented my lifestyle changes like I hoped it would.

Also, it’s been beyond gratifying to look in the mirror and be happy with the person I see. My pants are getting looser, and I might actually get back into my old “32” waist jeans—I never thought that would happen again.

CoolSculpting: Chris’ Final Analysis…

A little over a month after my first CoolSculpting treatment, and about three weeks after my second, and the improvement in my love handles becomes more striking with each passing day.

Literally not a day passes without someone asking about my experience. When the women on our sales staff asked me to lift my shirt so they could see the results, I did so with confidence! Their skepticism was replaced by gasps as they had to admit, “You really do look different, it works!”

I’ve lost roughly 15 pounds since my first CoolSculpting consultation nearly two months ago, and I feel better than I have in years. I can’t thank Kasey and the entire staff at The Skin Center enough for their professionalism and friendliness. I would recommend the treatment to anyone seeking to look and feel better and eliminate those trouble spots for good.

CoolSculpting was Right for Chris. Could it be Right for You…?

For many patients, Chris included, multiple CoolSculpting treatments are required to obtain your desired transformation. Check back soon…Chris will be undergoing an additional set of treatments on each of his love handles to get exactly where he wants to be! If you’re curious about CoolSculpting or other non-surgical and surgical body rejuvenation treatments, call The Skin Center at 1-800-429-1151, or visit www.theskincentermd.com to schedule your free consultation.


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