Jun. 11, 2015
Beth Beck

Have Old-Looking Hands? Radiesse Is Now FDA-Approved for Hand Augmentation!

Raise Your Hand If You Have Old Lady (or Old Man) Hands.

Say you are aging gracefully, doing your part by staying out of the sun, keeping up with your skincare routine and whatever maintenance or surgical treatments you like (wink, wink) and then you look down at your hands and realize to your horror—they look really old! Somewhat wrinkly with bones, tendons and veins ever-so-prevalent and more prominent than you’d like, you’d have to wear gloves 24/7, 365 to keep from noticing how old they look.

Your hands are really bothering you and they give your age away despite all that you do to look your best. Plus, when did this happen anyway?!

But, stop right there. Before investing in formal, white gloves that one might wear to a ball or cotillion, and prior to hiding your head (and hands) in shame—there is an FDA-approved treatment for me and for you to help us regain our rightful, youthful hands so we can do the beauty-queen wave with pride once again…

Radiesse®! It’s a Dermal Facial Filler. It’s Fabulous…And Now It’s FDA Approved for Hand Augmentation!

Can we do a group high-five? Filler for hand rejuvenation is a game-changer!

Once used only for facial volume loss to help gain or maintain that youthful look from the neck up, the powers that be have found a way to make our hands just as fabulous as our faces!

And why not, our hands lose volume, too; they are subject to the ravages of the sun; they seem to age somewhat aggressively and obviously. And there they are—poking out of our sleeves looking old.

Yes, they do wonderful things for us, but they betray our age, too. Well, they used to anyway.

Radiesse® Plumps Hands Today…And Can Last from 12-24 Months!

The benefit of Radiesse for use in hand augmentation is its smooth, subtle plumping effect and its longevity!

Derived from calcium, Radiesse helps to stimulate collagen production in the hands, creating both an immediate plumping effect from the initial injection, and an increase in volume over time as a result of collagen stimulation.

The youthful-looking results can last up to two years for some patients!

Put Your Beauty in Our Hands!

If you’re curious about hand rejuvenation with Radiesse, or other non-surgical and surgical face and body rejuvenation treatments, call The Skin Center at 1-800-429-1151, or visit www.theskincentermd.com to schedule your free consultation.




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