Jun. 25, 2015
Beth Beck

Hormone Health at The Skin Center: Dr. Brandy Started Helping Women by Treating the Woman He Loves Most…His Wife.

Devastating Diagnosis. Menopause at 29.

In love, newly married and nearly ready to start a family, Dominic Brandy, MD, and his wife Trina Brandy were blindsided by the devastating diagnosis: Trina had Hodgkin’s disease.

“We’d been married just three years,” says Brandy. “It was shocking; surreal.”

Trina was able to beat the disease, but because of an aggressive chemotherapy and radiation protocol; she wouldn’t be able to have children—not only that, at the age of 29, Trina was in full-blown menopause. Nearly overnight, the Brandys were fast-forwarded into their own personal hormone hell.

“It’s just not what you expect in your late 20s, to watch your wife go through cancer, find out she can’t conceive and then see her thrust into endless hot flashes, mood swings and other assorted physical and emotional symptoms,” says Brandy.

Trina was taking medications to manage her abrupt shift into menopause, but sometimes the side effects were worse than the original symptoms themselves. It was the early ‘90s—there wasn’t much in the way of options and nothing was natural, subtle or specifically designed to meet Trina’s unique needs.

Brandy felt helpless watching Trina suffer and he wasn’t about to sit idly by.

“I’m a doctor after all,” Brandy says with a little laugh, “so I put my research hat on and figured out a way to help her. We did bloodwork, we looked at her hormone levels and we figured out a plan. I worked with a compounding pharmacy to find a natural hormone cream that gave her relief from the physical and emotional roller coaster she had been on.”

Things began to look up for the Brandy family—they happily and lovingly grew their family through adoption, Trina’s health was restored and Brandy’s Cosmetic Surgery practice thrived.

Surgeons Will Be Surgeons.

It was through Brandy’s experience with Trina that he saw firsthand how hormonal imbalance can wreak havoc on your life…and it’s not just an issue for women.

But Brandy’s a Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeon who pioneered minimally-invasive surgical procedures like the QuickLift® Facelift and EyeQ® Eyelift. He was busy building his practice and left the hormones to the hormone doctors, with the exception of continuing to treat his wife.

“I found some doctors over the years who I was comfortable referring my patients to. I pretty much stuck with surgery for decades,” Brandy explains. “But for whatever reason, recently I have had more and more patients expressing a need for a more natural approach to treating perimenopause, menopause and low testosterone. We decided to build a team of hormone experts right here at The Skin Center to address the growing need.”

“I’m seeing men with low testosterone, women with hormonal imbalance and the result is that these people are suffering. They aren’t sleeping and they’re gaining weight, losing hair and they lack the energy and enthusiasm for life they once had.”

As we age, we all experience hormone fluctuations and unwanted, unwelcome side effects. It’s truly a balancing act for both men and women and it can be very tricky to achieve that balance. But, Brandy knows it can be done.

Brandy has assembled a team and a treatment protocol to help patients get to the bottom of the hormone issues lurking behind the symptoms that so often get pushed off as “just what happens when you get older.”

He decided that he and his team will do something different: listen to the men and women who need to find hormonal balance and health.

Hormone Health for Everyone…One Patient at a Time.

It’s a novel approach: the use of natural solutions whenever possible, including Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) for men and women, supplement suggestions, recommendations about diet and exercise and ongoing comprehensive concierge treatment with 24/7 access to Collette Gibbons, CRNP, to guide patients through every step.

And, it’s just getting underway. The initiative, which will be in full swing by the end of summer, is gaining momentum through informational seminars being hosted by Brandy and Gibbons. Ultimately, The Skin Center will be home to a Total T clinic for men, in addition to offering treatment to address the specific needs of women.

Feeling Good. Looking Good. Aging Well.

Perhaps people will say: what does a cosmetic practice have to do with hormones? Fair question, but Brandy has a history of looking at medicine from an anti-aging, holistic perspective and treating patients from the inside out.

Yes, he can make people look better on the outside, too, but if they don’t feel good, it can be all for naught. It’s also very true that hormones directly impact how we look on the outside; affecting skin tone, hair texture and much more. Hormone health is central to overall health and appearance.

“The fact is, hormones dictate how we feel and look. We are going to age, but we can find ways to look and feel better while we do it,” says Brandy. “That’s what everything we do at The Skin Center is about.”

Natural Approach to Hormone Health—There’s a Seminar for That.

If you want to learn more about symptoms and treatments to address hormonal imbalance, Brandy and his staff welcome you to attend a free seminar. Please visit www.theskincentermd.com, or call 1-800-429-1151 to learn more about the many treatments and procedures available at The Skin Center and Medical Spa to help you look and feel your best.






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