Jul. 2, 2015
Beth Beck

Cosmetic Surgery: Would you, could you, have you, should you…?


The headline of the June 29 cover story in TIME Magazine reads: Nip. Tuck. Or Else. Now everyone gets work done. Will you?

So…Will You?

Thought provoking and informative, the story makes quite the case for the ever-growing normalcy of women (and men) getting work done. And yes, elective makeover magic has gone mainstream, with the statistics to prove that cosmetic surgery is happening here, and there… and everywhere like never before.

But, is it really everyone?

The short answer is no. The point the article makes is that cosmetic surgery will become as common and relatively as un-cost-prohibitive as the maintenance stuff so many of us are already on board for: makeup, hair (color, extensions, straightening, etc.) cosmetic dentistry/teeth whitening, plucking, shaving, tweezing, spray tanning, mani-pedis…

Do we all do the aforementioned things? No, but there was a time, not so long ago, when nobody, or at least very few people, did those things on regular basis, and that time has passed.

The word every, however, as it’s used in the article on page 42:

“You’re going to get a cosmetic procedure for the same reason you wear makeup: because every other woman is.”

Well, that’s pure insanity in my opinion. Or, as my mother used to say:

 “If so and so jumped off a bridge, would you?”

There are people who will not get cosmetic surgery, and there are people who should not get cosmetic surgery, but there are also many, many people for whom cosmetic treatments and procedures are a wonderful and life-enhancing experience. With the right doctor, patient and procedure, and with realistic expectations and goals in mind, the results can truly be life-changing.

It’s been easy for quite some time to find examples of “work,” both good and bad, on your favorite celebs and musicians, but now, the good or bad work that you’re seeing might just be at a PTA meeting, a community pool or your place of work.

What’s also becoming more common: we talk about it, read about it and Google it! We (or at least, I):

  • Openly disclose our Botox treatments
  • Chat with pals about the procedures we would consider if time and money permitted
  • Look at and share before and after photos of treatments and procedures that intrigue us
  • Watch television shows on which elective surgeries are featured and both patients and doctors tell their tales

The fact is: dialogue about cosmetic surgery is becoming no-holds barred entertainment in and of itself.

And, all of those truths mean one thing: the taboo, mystery and secrecy is long gone. People aren’t speculating about your growing cup size nearly as much anymore. It’s more likely that those who once whispered are now asking where you went, who did it and how much it cost. And, you are more likely to actually tell them!

In its entirety, the article’s certainly worth the read and goes on to address some pretty compelling questions about elective surgery as it relates to feminism, addiction, gender identity, career advancement, cultural identity and more.

My takeaway: cosmetic surgery is happening, there are options non-invasive and invasive galore and while not everyone is doing it, everyone has the opportunity to read and talk openly about it because it’s on the cover of TIME Magazine.

If you want to learn more about non-surgical and surgical cosmetic procedures, visit www.theskincentermd.com, or call 1-800-429-1151 for your free consultation. If/when you decide that getting “work done” is something you might consider, talk to us…we’ve been doing really good work for more than three decades.


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