Oct. 27, 2015
Laura Ellis

Something Borrowed, Something Blue and a Little Botox, too

When Whitney said yes to her fiancé’s marriage proposal, she, like most brides to be, went into planning mode. Dress, venue, bridal party, honeymoon — weddings require a whirlwind of decisions. One detail she did not neglect was taking steps early to ensure that her skin would be at its glowing best the day she walked down the aisle to say “I do”.

Bridal Botox
Bridal Skincare: Botox and Chemical Peels

“I did not have a regular skincare routine at the time,” says Whitney. “I did a home facial once in a while, and used a Clarisonic cleanser, but really it was just drugstore brands and moisturizers. But when I got engaged, I knew that I needed to do something if I wanted to look flawless on my wedding day.”

Although she is only in her mid-twenties, Whitney was already beginning to see the consequences of neglecting her skin.

“I was never really good about sun protection – I am now – but not then. When I was in college my friends and I tanned all the time. I had some pigmentation issues as a result of that, and I really wanted to see what I could do to address it.”

Botox for the Bride-To-Be

Whitney met with Nellie Sicher, RN, at The Skin Center Medical Spa in December 2014, approximately eight months before her wedding date. Together they worked out a personalized menu of treatments and products, and did a test Botox injection to see how Whitney’s skin would respond. With no adverse reactions, Nellie’s customized approach for Whitney included Botox to smooth fine lines in her forehead, dermal fillers to plump and smooth the skin, microdermabrasion, and a light chemical peel to address sun damage and to remove dead skin cells, giving her skin a fresher, brighter appearance.

Botox for the Bride
Say “I Do” to Beautiful Skin

“I am very conservative when designing a treatment program, particularly with Botox,” says Nellie. “I always look for the most natural result, but often times even a twenty-five-year-old can benefit from Botox and filler. Genetics and damage from hours of sunbathing all come into play in deciding whether they are appropriate for the patient. Whitney did it right by making an appointment early. Ideally I’d like to see a patient eight months to a year before the wedding day so that we can make a plan and begin treatment immediately. The second Botox treatment, and filler if needed, should be done again three to four months after the initial treatment. And the final pre-wedding-day treatment with Botox and/or filler should be done one month before the wedding.”

Whitney admits that she was “extremely nervous” just before her first filler and Botox treatment. “I was surprised that someone my age would benefit from fillers, but I had a real issue with dark circles under my eyes. They were bad; I would wake up in the morning and look like I’d been punched. I was a bit anxious as needles are not my favorite thing. The skin on your face is so sensitive – I didn’t know what to expect. But Nellie is so awesome. She had me laughing and I was done before I even knew what was going on. ”

The quick results that filler and Botox deliver came as a surprise. “I was shocked. The change was immediate. Nellie handed me her little mirror, and I could see the difference. The fillers helped to plump up the skin underneath my eyes. I look so much better now.”

In the past year, Whitney had also lost 10 pounds and kept it off; a change that she says reshaped her face. “I looked hollowed out. The fillers also helped to add back a more youthful roundness to my cheeks.”

Whitney had a treatment touch-up just before her wedding. She says she was especially pleased that the changes were subtle and natural. “Nellie was very careful with the Botox. I still had full, natural movement in my face. My fiancé would not have known I had anything done, except for under my eyes. He did notice that the dark circles were gone.”

Whitney felt and looked radiant on her wedding day. “When you see the pictures you can see that I am smiling, I look amazing, but I look like myself. My makeup went on my skin flawlessly. I felt gorgeous.”

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