Oct. 8, 2015
Laura Ellis

How Does a Bride Get Her Glow? With a Bridal Skin Care Routine.

bridal skin careFor most women, their wedding engagement is the start of months of excited preparation. Choosing the gown, planning the honeymoon – all the work and joy and worry and anticipation that is so worth it and together culminate in saying ‘I do’ to the one you love.

Everyone wants to look their most beautiful on their wedding day, and once a date is set, many women focus on eating right and working out. Selecting the right hair style, the right makeup palette — even the right nail color — become decisions of epic importance. Some may even splurge on a spa day or a facial right before the wedding.

But what if along with booking the venue a year out and making sure your best friend is able to fly in from that place she moved to, you also took steps early on to ensure that your skin would be at its healthiest and most radiant on the day when all eyes are on you?

Ashley, 29, made that choice nearly a year before her wedding date, and now just weeks before her big day, is so glad that she did.

A realtor with Howard Hanna, Ashley is in a line of work that puts her face to face with clients on a daily basis. Physically fit and active, she eats right and exercises regularly to stay healthy, but felt that she wanted to take more significant steps to improve the appearance of her skin for her wedding day.

“I think for me, it was a mind shift,” says Ashley. “There came a point where I realized that people don’t think about bridal skin care soon enough, and instead look back and say, ‘Oh gosh, what happened?’ I wanted to be proactive.”

Among the issues she wanted to address were the brown spots on her face that were caused by melasma.

“That was always an insecurity of mine, and I wanted to know what I could do to treat it.”

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Ashley, booked a consultation at The Skin Center and met with Nellie Sicher, a registered nurse and aesthetician. During their consultation, Nellie carefully laid out a noninvasive, 12-month plan of treatment that would gently and gradually improve the health and appearance of Ashley’s skin and reduce the pigmentation caused by her melasma.

“I did not want something that was too aggressive,” says Ashley. “Nellie made me feel comfortable and confident that the improvement to my skin would progress slowly. I want to feel confident and glowing on my wedding day, but I don’t want to look like I’ve had anything done.”

Nellie prepared a plan for Ashley that included a prescription-strength line of skin care products with retinol and other skin rejuvenating ingredients; Botox injections to smooth fine lines around her eyes and between her brows; dermal fillers to slightly plump her cheekbone area and provide lift around her eyes; a series of light chemical peels to even out her skin tone and fade the appearance of melasma; and several micro needling treatments to further tighten and smooth her skin.

“For the best results, starting on an at-home skincare regimen eight months to a year before the wedding is really important,” says Sicher. “A consistent routine with the right products that meet the needs of your skin can make a huge difference.

“If Botox and filler are indeed part of the treatment plan – and often women as young as their 20s can benefit if they have damaged their skin through tanning or sunbathing, or if genetically they simply have skin that is more lax — the first treatment should be done at the same time as the initial meeting, eight months to a year before the wedding day,” adds Sicher.  “The second botox treatment, and filler if needed, should be done again in 3-4 months after the initial treatment.  And the final pre-wedding, perfect for wedding day treatment with Botox and/or filler should be done one month before the wedding.”

“In my 20s, I never really focused on any kind of anti-aging care,” says Ashley. “I thought that retinol was only for someone old, or with the worst possible skin. I never thought of it as something someone my age should use as a preventative measure, or as part of their daily routine.”

“I thought I had oily skin, as I was prone to breakouts,” she adds. “I never used a moisturizer, because I thought that would make things worse. Instead, I would use a product to dry out my whole face, because that’s what I thought I should do. I didn’t realize that I was actually making things worse.”

Ashley’s skin responded well to treatment, with only slight reddening after her peels. She was careful to moisturize, use sunscreen and wear a hat when in the sun. And though she was a bit apprehensive before the micro needling treatment, she experienced only mild discomfort.

“I typically don’t like needles, but it was really no big deal. And knowing that the process is helping to stimulate collagen growth makes it worth it.”

Now, with nearly 12 months of treatment completed and the final countdown on for her big day, Ashley is thrilled with her results.

“I’ve had so many compliments on my skin, but the biggest change I’ve seen occurred with the filler and the lift it gave to my eyes. My eyes no longer look tired or heavy. I look rested and refreshed, even in the morning. It gives me a better outlook on the day. The peels together with the skin products I am using have made my skin softer and smoother, and I am breaking out less.

“The best part is that it’s not something that anyone can tell. I didn’t want to be that person whose friends are asking, ‘what have you done?’ I feel better, I work better. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I feel great inside and out, and while I’m starting to feel very emotional as the date draws near, I am so excited for the wedding.”

 For more information, go to www.skincentermd.com .

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