Feb. 8, 2017
Beth Beck

Meet the Faces of The Skin Center (#facesoftsc)

Blog_FacesOfTheSkinCenterWho? What? But they look so young? Are they getting “work done”?

Here’s the deal: cosmetic treatments and procedures aren’t just for mothers and grandmothers. These Faces of The Skin Center aren’t getting facelifts, but they are opting to use proactive treatments to varying degrees to improve skin tone and texture, smooth fines lines, plump their lips, create more dramatic eyebrows, remove unwanted hair and more. And if you think they’re too young…they really, really don’t care.

Take Dallas for Example…

Dallas, a twenty-something entrepreneur (Dallas Beauty Lounge in Bridgeville, PA, is her empire), couldn’t care less if you think her lips are too big or her hair color changes too often. “I don’t apologize for liking my lips to be super full,” says Dallas. “Kathy (Kathy Allen, RN, expert injector), keeps me in check so I get a full lip without looking ridiculous and I love it! End of story.”

And Jackie…

Hairstylist extraordinaire at Gorgeous by Sorelle in Washington, PA, Jackie’s a stylist with, well, style. A little Botox here, a little lip plumping there…and voilà! “I’m always changing up my look with hair color, accessories … and maybe a little plump in my lips, too,” says Jackie. “I get it, it’s not for everyone my age, and that’s fine. It’s for me.”

Don’t Forget Ashleigh…

Excited about the next phase of her life as a business owner (fingers crossed), Ashleigh’s all about confidence, intelligence and just plain old hustle. “Sometimes I think getting Botox, something as simple laser hair removal or as dramatic as a breast enhancement, is just about adding to what’s already pretty great about me. It’s like a sprinkle of glitter.”

Your Face Is Your Business…And Ours!

So, you heard them…The message of these Faces of The Skin Center is pretty simple: What you choose to do about your physical appearance is absolutely your decision. That applies whether you’re 24, 48, 60 or 75. The Skin Center’s expert clinicians and providers just want to partner with you to help you look your best on whatever terms you choose. We’re really very good at it. We’ve been in the business of beauty for 35 years.

But They’re So Young…

Yes, but they still get to make choices about their faces and bodies, and they’re making said choices sooner than previous generations. We chose to create a series of ads to speak to this younger demographic because they’ve been seeking our services in growing numbers each year. If anything, we were ignoring younger women in pursuit of the typical middle-age patient who we traditionally targeted with the majority of our advertising efforts. The bottom line is women (and men) want different things at different ages. We want to reach out to all the people who want our services. All of them.

But I Thought The Skin Center Was for Anti-Aging?

It’s not about an age or a gender. It’s not about a cookie-cutter aesthetic. Hey, we’re all aging. We’re all going to continue to age. All the Botox in the world isn’t going to stop that. Now, looking good and feeling good about the reflection you see in the mirror…That’s where we can help anyone and everyone!

Call us. Visit us. Follow us @skincentermd on Instagram. We’re The Skin Center and YOUR Skin Center.

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