Debbie Thompson, RN, Aesthetic Clinician

Debbie Thompson

Pittsburgh Expert Injector, Debbie Thompson, RN, shares her expertise with our full-service medical spa locations. Debbie specializes in Botox and dermal fillers. Driven by her desire to exceed her clients’ expectations, Debbie customizes skin treatment plans for maximum results by coupling her professional services with an effective at-home skincare plan.


Joined The Skin Center


Specialized Education/Training

  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Basic Cardiac Life Support

X-Medica Online Courses:

  • Enhanced Injection Techniques
  • Multi-Specialty Aesthetic Initiative for Skin of Color
  • Aesthetic Safety
  • Voluma® Injection Technique by Dr. Mauricio De Maio

Skin Care Tip

I think the single most important thing you can do to help prevent future signs of aging is sunscreen! Apply is daily and apply it often. In addition to using, SPF daily, incorporating Retin-A and glycolic acid into your at-home regimen is a must for maintaining healthy skin.

Favorite Med Spa Treatment

I have a few “favorite” treatments – depending on the condition of the skin. For sun damaged skin, I love Fraxel® and IPL treatments. For an instant rejuvenation to the face – dermal fillers are the best. And to smooth frown lines, forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet – nothing beats Botox®.

Info Sources

  • Product/Treatment Representatives
  • National Injector Trainers who are staff member of The Skin Center
  • X-Medica website

My Top 3 Client FAQs

  • Can you help me look younger?
  • What do the treatments cost?
  • How long have you been doing these treatments?

My Favorite Client Transformation Stories

I recently met with a new patient. She was 65-years old and never had any type of cosmetic treatment done before. We discussed what bothered her about her appearance and what she was hoping to see as a result of her treatment. Based on her facial rejuvenation needs, I suggested Voluma® and Juvederm® Ultra Plus injections to replenish facial volume and smooth some fine lines. When the injections were complete, she was thrilled! She felt like she got a facelift, but in liquid version.

I see quite a few younger women who simply want fuller lips. I encourage these women to “keep it real” because I don’t believe people should look un-natural. Most are grateful for this advice and appreciate their beautiful, natural-looking fuller lips!

My Greatest Challenge

A great satisfaction (and challenge) is helping achieve the results they want, while working within their budget. If budget is a concern, I tell my clients to spread the treatments out over time and simply do one thing at a time – be it Botox®, dermal fillers or laser treatments. I always explain that we can always add a treatment at a later date. They’ll still see the results, just over time.

Another challenge is educating people about the importance of following an at-home skin care routine – especially if they have never taken proper care of their skin. Not all products are created equally – understanding the value of medical-grade products versus drugstore products is important!

What I Love Most About My Work

I love that everyone at The Skin Center works as a team – sharing new information about treatments and technology – our collective goal is to get the best result for our clients!

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