Dominic Brandy, MD

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Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon

Founding Medical Director of The Skin Center Medical Spa

Dr. Dominic Brandy is a renowned board-certified cosmetic surgeon with over 30-years of experience as a leader in advanced cosmetic surgery. In 1981, Dr. Brandy founded The Skin Center Medical Spa in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to serve the region’s increasing demand for a medical practice devoted exclusively to minimally invasive facial rejuvenation and cosmetic surgery procedures specializing in facelift surgery, breast augmentation, liposuction, and tummy tuck.

Over the years, Dr. Brandy has grown his practice to include three locations in Pittsburgh including Mt. Lebanon, PA, Shadyside, PA and Wexford, PA and one in Columbus, Ohio, all of which offers proven, medical-grade skin treatments including Botox®, laser hair removal, cellulite treatment as well as collagen enhancing products and skincare treatments for firmer, more youthful-looking skin.

Initially, Dr. Brandy built his reputation as a leading cosmetic surgeon by developing and refining the most effective techniques for treating hair loss with natural growing hair. More recently, his innovative QuickLift® facelift has piqued the interest of patients and doctors from across the country and around the world and is considered the premier facial cosmetic plastic surgery procedure offered at The Skin Center Medical Spa.

Dr. Brandy graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Pittsburgh and earned his degree in medicine from Hahnemann (now Drexel) University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After completing an internship at St. Francis Medical Center in Pittsburgh, PA, Dr. Brandy went on to serve as Director of Emergency Medicine for Divine Providence Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. During this time, Dr. Brandy continued his education through a comprehensive cosmetic surgery fellowship program sponsored by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Following his fellowship in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Brandy served as a clinical instructor in the fellowship program at the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Medicine’s Department of Dermatology.

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Current Memberships In Professional Societies:

  • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
  • American Society of Liposuction Surgery
  • American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (Co-Founder)
  • International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • American Medical Association
  • Pennsylvania Medical Society
  • Ohio State Medical Association
  • Allegheny County Medical Society

Face Lift Articles

Hair Restoration ArticlesHair Restoration Articles

Scientific Papers

  • Brandy, D.A., "The Revised QuickLift™: Featuring an Encircling Double Purse-String Plication Technique with Blunt Neck/Jowl Undermining and Small Submental Tuck for Tightening of the Sagging SMAS, Platysma and Skin." American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, 22;4:223-232; 2005.
  • Brandy, D.A., "The QuickLift: A Modification of the S-Lift – A Report of the First 85 Cases." Cosmetic Dermatology,17;6:251-360; 2004.
  • Brandy, D.A., "A Method of Augmenting the Cheek Area Through SMAS, subSMAS and Subcutaneous Tissue Recruitment During Facelift Surgery." Dermatologic Surgery, 2003; 29:265-271.
  • Brandy, D.A., "A New Foam Girdle for the Significant Reduction of Ecchymoses Post-Liposuction." Dermatologic Surgery, 28:1-3; 2002.
  • Brandy, D.A., "The Use of Asymmetrical Incisions in Liposuction.” American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery," 14(4):459 - 462, 1997.
  • Brandy, D.A., "Medium - Deep Chemical Peel Utilizing Jessner's Solution, 20% TCA and Baker's Phenol Solution." American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, 14:41 - 48, 1997.
  • Brandy, D.A., "Methodical Block Technique for Better Results with Liposuction." American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, 11:47 - 50, 1994.
  • Brandy, D.A., "A New Infiltration Needle for Rapid Local Anesthesia in Retromammary Breast Augmentation," Annals of Plastic Surgery, 28:331 - 334, 1992.
  • Brandy, D.A., "Reston Foam for the Reduction of Ecchymoses Post - Liposuction Surgery," American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, 7:87 - 91, 1990.

Experience & Board Certification

Medical Director

1981 - Present
Dominic A. Brandy, MD & Associates/The Center for Cosmetic Surgery, PC/The Skin Center
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Director, Emergency Medicine

1981 - 1988
Divine Providence Hospital (DPH)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

American Board Of Hair Restoration Surgery

1996 - 2009

University Affiliations

Instructor, Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship Program

2004 - 2006
In conjunction with Suzan Obagi, MD, Assistant Professor, Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Center, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Department of Dermatology

Clinical Instructor

1993 - 1996
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Department of Dermatology

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