Ear Surgery

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Prominent or protruding ears can sometimes be hidden by a creative hairstyle, but one of the only remedies is otoplasty orear surgery .

Performed by Dominic Brandy, MD in Pittsburgh , otoplasty corrects protruding ears, allowing them to lay closer to the head.
Ear surgery may be especially beneficial for children with protruding ears, to bolster their self-esteem.
Otoplasty for children is usually performed after the age of six or seven, or when the ears have reached 90 percent of their adult size.

Treatment Information

Board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Dominic Brandy, MD, performs otoplasty in our state-licensed, PA state licensed surgery center located in Pittsburgh. Otoplasty is performed by making a vertical incision in an inconspicuous location behind the ear. Then a small piece of cartilage is carefully removed and the remaining cartilage is gently molded in place to create a flatter, more pleasing contour to the ear.

Following otoplasty surgery, the ears are wrapped with a tight fitting headband to hold the new shape and position of the ears. The headband is worn for the first week following surgery. It is recommended that a less compressing headband be worn for an additional two weeks as well.*

Following otoplasty, patients may experience mild swelling and slight discomfort, which can be easily controlled with over-the-counter pain relievers.

How Long Do The Results From Ear Surgery Last?

Once the excess cartilage is removed and the ear is sutured in the desired location, the results from ear surgery are lasting.

What Are The Complications Associated With Otoplasty Surgery?

Although there are complications associated with any type of surgery, complications associated with otoplasty are minimal. The most common include an infection at the site of incision and the formation of scar tissue.

Are There Risks Associated With Cosmetic Surgery Procedures?

Men and women of all ages choose cosmetic surgery for a number of reasons and the process of deciding to have elective cosmetic plastic surgery is highly individualized and very personal. This decision can offer lasting improvement not only to an individual's physical appearance, but also to his or her self-confidence and self-esteem. However, choosing to have any type of elective surgery, including cosmetic surgery is not without risk and potential complications.

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