Microneedles May Be Your New BFF

Most people don’t like the idea of needles. Even if you can tolerate having your blood drawn during routine health physicals, the concept of multiple needles penetrating the skin on your face at one time might make you cringe. Trust us, the microneedling treatments conducted in our Columbus and Pittsburgh area offices are far from barbaric. In fact, you may like what microneedling does so much that you choose this treatment as a valuable part of your anti-aging regimen.

Why Microneedling is Beneficial

The microneedling that is performed today follows the same school of thought that existed over a hundred years ago: that creating micro-wounds in the skin would call forth more collagen. Collagen is that priceless protein that is made by the body to heal cuts and scrapes. This protein is also what makes our skin firm and supple when we are young. As we age, the body makes less collagen. Microneedling provides us with a safe, straightforward way to keep the skin supplied with the nutrients it needs for natural beauty.

How it Works

Ok, so poking the skin with tiny needles can force collagen proliferation. How? Maybe the question isn’t so much how microneedling works but how anyone could possibly tolerate such a treatment. It’s easy. The microneedling treatments that are performed in the office include a generous application of numbing cream. After about 30 minutes, nerve sensations will be significantly diminished, and we can move forward with “rolling” the skin. Before we create tiny microchannels with our automated handpiece, we treat the skin with nourishing hyaluronic acid or platelet-rich plasma. That way, the body immediately starts the healing process. After the surface area has been treated with the microneedling device, we apply a second coating of the chosen nutrients to further promote fast healing.

The results of microneedling can be seen right away, but the best part about this treatment is that the skin continues to look better over time. In one study, doctors measured the amount of collagen and elastin in patients’ skin six months after microneedling treatment. They discovered that these elements had increased by 400% in that time frame!

The skin is going to age, period. With help from the team at the Skin Center, your aging process can be a beautiful journey. Call an office near you for more information about microneedling and our other beauty-boosting services.

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