Eyebrow Microstroking
Available In Pittsburgh, PA or Columbus, OH  

Eyebrow Microstroking is a semi-permanent* makeup technique that will give you the perfectly-shaped and artistically-arched eyebrows you’ve always wanted!  Don’t let your thin and sparse or short and shapeless eyebrows define you! With today’s “anything goes” style of brows -- you can thicken, elongate, and arch your eyebrows to best reflect your personality and style.  From classic eyebrows to dramatic eyebrows and even extreme – Our certified eyebrow specialists will give you the eyebrows you want so you can feel your most beautiful!

Benefits of Eyebrow Microstroking:

  • Elongate a Shortened Eyebrow
  • Create the Perfect Arch
  • Restore Thin, Sparse Brows


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Treatment Information

The first step in eyebrow Microstroking is having a personalized consultation with our eyebrow specialist, Olivia Brandy. Based on your personal style and facial shape, Olivia will recommend the eyebrow shape best suited to your needs. If you love the idea of your brow, as discussed during your consultation, Olivia will create your new brow shape using proper symmetry and artistry with the Microstroking technique.

Microstroking is a semi-permanent makeup technique that looks as if it’s your naturally-growing hair.  Originating in Asia, and gaining popularity around the globe for its natural look,  Microstroking allows people with no brows or thin eyebrows to achieve fuller, thicker, more youthful-looking brows.  

Using pigment that is matched closely to your natural hair color, very fine and precise strokes are made to the epidermis.  Because the pigment is placed in the epidermis layer of skin, Microstroking is considered a semi-permanent* application, lasting 12-18 months.  The results of eyebrow Microstroking are very natural-looking because of the precision and technique applied.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Will The Microstroking Damage My Natural Eyebrows?

No, the Microstroking technique will not damage your naturally-growing hair.  

How Long Does Eyebrow Microstroking Last?

Eyebrow Microstroking is considered semi-permanent* makeup and lasts about 12-18 months. 

How Will You Match My Hair Color?

During your consultation our eyebrow specialist will work with you to select the pigment hue that best matches your hair color. If you are looking for a specific color that does not match your hair color, our specialist will have a variety of options for you to choose from.

Does the Application Process Hurt?

Not at all! In fact it can be quite relaxing. During the application process, you will be reclined in a comfortable medical chair similar to what you sit it at a dental office. You may choose to listen to music or simply relax during your treatment. There is little to no discomfort as a special numbing cream is applied to desensitize the area for the treatment.

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