Quarantine Tips For Mental Health, Wellness And Productivity

Beautiful woman taking a bath This time of quarantine or social distancing can be hard… here are 5 tips for mental health, wellness and productivity!

1. Create a routine 
Set a schedule and stick to it! Make an effort each day to change out of your pj’s and make a to-do list of tasks to accomplish. Something as simple as a morning skincare routine can create a sense of normalcy and productivity. ​If a clean space helps calm your anxiety, pick an area in your house to organize each day, it’s amazing how therapeutic this can be. Most importantly, it’s okay to cut yourself some slack during this time!

2. Take care of your body
During quarantine, daily exercise is an essential component to staying energized, productive and positive. This can include a variety of at-home workouts, yoga, stretching or meditation! Your body and mind will thank you! Check out some of these top at-home workout channels!

3. Sleep 
One of the best things you can do for yourself is get a good night’s rest. Sleep allows your brain to function correctly and is vital in maintaining your physical and mental health especially during times of stress.

4. Stay Healthy and Hydrated
Drinking water helps to keep your body and immune system strong. Staying hydrated is also a great skin booster! Be mindful of your “quarantine snacks”. Fill your freezer with fresh fruits, vegetables, soups, etc to create healthy and hearty meals that will fuel your body and boost your immune system. Check out these delicious healthy soup recipes!

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