QWO Cellulite Treatment

Available In Pittsburgh, PA or Columbus, OH

What Is QWO?

Say goodbye to cellulite! QWO is the first and only FDA-approved injectable for treating moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of adult women. The injections specifically targets cellulite by dissolving the connective bands, redistributing fat cells, and stimulating new collagen growth. QWO permanently reduces the appearance of cellulite, smooths dimples, and promotes skin firmness and fullness without downtime. The Skin Center couldn't be more excited to offer the new QWO cellulite treatment in Pittsburgh, PA, and Columbus, OH!

How QWO Works

Over 90% of women have cellulite, and the most common reason for it is the hardening of the connective bands underneath the skin's surface, called fibrous septae. As the skin thins by aging, the fat cells begin to expand and push against the skin, causing the fibrous septae bands to thicken and create dimples, called cellulite. The enzymes that make up QWO will release the fibrous bands, redistribute the fat cells and stimulate new collagen to smooth out dimpling and improve skin firmness. QWO will be injected 3 separate times, 21 days apart, to fully release the fibrous bands and provide optimum results.

QWO Treatment Information

At The Skin Center, QWO is injected by an expert injector directly into the targeted dimples using a small needle. Before the treatment begins, the appropriate dimples are well defined and marked while the patient is standing relaxed, with their feet apart. Once the areas are marked and ready for treatment, the patient will lay face down, and QWO is injected into each cellulite dimple. There is no need for a numbing agent as pain during this treatment is very tolerable. There is a maximum of 12 dimples per buttock that can be treated during a single visit. At each office visit, injections take as little as 10 minutes.

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QWO before after the skin center 1536x1536 1

Candidates For QWO

Ideal QWO candidates are patients with moderate to severe cases of cellulite. Our expert injectors will determine that the dimples are true cellulite and not just skin laxity during the consultation process.

How Many QWO Treatments Are Needed To See Results?

To reach optimum results, 3 different QWO treatments are recommended, each spaced 21 days apart. Each treatment visit may include up to 2 treatment areas. Visible results are seen at 10 weeks post-treatment.

How Much Downtime Is Associated With QWO?

There is no downtime or pain associated with QWO. You may return to normal activity immediately following treatment. Tenderness and soreness of the injection site will resolve within 2-3 days. Nodules may be felt, but these will also resolve themselves in 7-10 days post-treatment. It is important to note that bruising at the injection site is expected due to the breakdown of collagen supporting the blood vessels in this area. Bruising following the first treatment of QWO is known to be the most profound. It will decrease in severity and duration for each following treatment.

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