Sculptra is Not Your Standard Filler

The way that gravity affects the face as we age can leave us feeling a little discouraged. We frequently meet with men and women who are struggling with the dissatisfying changes that occur with age. Often, it is assumed that the best way to restore height to the cheekbones and contouring to the lower part of the face is with dermal fillers. Here, we want to point out that, while conventional hyaluronic acid fillers are valuable, there may be more you can to do enjoy a younger looking face for a longer period of time.

The Framework of a Beautiful Face

Facial aging doesn’t only occur within the superficial layers of tissue. In fact, aging begins far beneath the surface, beyond what we immediately see. The framework of beauty lies deep within the dermis, where fibroblasts continually work to regenerate the collagen that supports firmness in connective tissue. If all we do is restore plumpness at the surface, we’ve failed to really address the issue of aging.

Sculptra to the Rescue

Sculptra is often called a dermal filler, but its so much more. We could say that this collagen stimulator acts as a temporary foundation on top of which hyaluronic acid fillers like Juvederm can be injected. The combination of structural remodeling and superficial filling can achieve optimal results. Unlike the average filler, Sculptra is a product that is based on lactic acid, a chemical that our muscles produce after a strenuous workout. In synthetic form, the poly-L-lactic acid in Sculptra has a powerful effect on collagen-producing fibroblasts.

Obviously, collagen production takes time. Collagen remodeling takes even longer; up to several months. Fortunately, the poly-L-lactic acid particles in Sculptra act as a temporary scaffold for overlying tissues while this remodeling occurs. Over the course of months, this chemical dissipates while collagen increases.

If you are concerned about facial aging and the consequences that go along with that, such as sunken temples and cheeks, mid-face flattening, and softening of the chin and jawline, Sculptra may be an excellent solution for you. Keep in mind, though, that results from this treatment are intended to be long-lasting more than immediate. After the series of injections is completed (usually two to three visits), the rejuvenating effects of Sculptra last up to 3 years.

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