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The VenaSeal closure system is an innovative, minimally-invasive procedure used to treat saphenous veins. This treatment uses a medical-grade glue known as VenaSeal to close and seal the diseased vein, which will then harden and be absorbed by the body.  

Completed without the use of multiple injections, VenaSeal avoids common side effects associated with traditional treatments for diseased veins. The treatment works best for larger (saphenous) veins. Left untreated, these veins can result in leg pain from aching and throbbing, swelling, skin damage and limit daily activities.  

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VenaSeal for Saphenous Veins Advantages

  • Requires only one session

  • Faster and longer-lasting results

  • Less risk of nerve damage

  • Compression stockings are not required

  • Walk in, walk out

  • Immediate relief of pain  

  • Comfortable treatment option

  • Minimal downtime and discomfort

The VenaSeal closure system offers immediate relief to the leg area and permanently eliminates leg pain caused by untreated diseased veins. This unique approach avoids the risk of nerve damage, which is commonly associated with traditional vein treatments.  




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Treatment Information

Prior to the treatment you will have an ultrasound to assess the diseased superficial vein and help guide the procedure. Once you and your doctor have discussed and agreed upon a plan, you will come in for the treatment. Before the treatment begins, your doctor will numb the access area to the vein. Multiple injections of anesthesia are not required.  

A catheter for releasing the medical adhesive will then be placed along targeted areas of the saphenous vein. The ultrasound is used throughout the treatment to ensure the appropriate position of the catheter.  

As soon as the diseased vein is closed, you will feel automatic pain relief getting you back on your feet as the blood begins to flow through the other healthy veins.  

Recovery for VenaSeal Vein Treatment

The VenaSeal closure system is safe and effective. The technology was designed to reduce recovery time, allowing patients to resume normal activity immediately following the procedure. Unlike most traditional vein treatments, Venaseal does not require compression stockings post-treatment, and patients report experiencing little to no bruising. Once you return home, short walks are recommended each day.  You will be able to resume normal exercise activities after 48 hours.  

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