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Cosmetic Surgery for the Face and Body

Pittsburgh, PA & Columbus, OH

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Our mission at The Skin Center Medical Spa is to dedicate every day to help improve our client’s enjoyment of life. So we strive each and every day to do our part in helping our patients achieve just that. And while we believe that physical appearance may not be the most important attribute in life, it strongly influences self-esteem. And our clients agree. 

For more than 30 years, our board-certified cosmetic surgeons, board-certified plastic surgeons and team of surgical consultants have had the pleasure of helping people who are active and engaged in life realize their dream of having their outward appearance better aligned with the energy and vitality they feel on the inside. 


At The Skin Center Medical Spa located in Pittsburgh, PA and Columbus, Ohio we specialize in minimal downtime and minimal recovery procedures like the QuickLift® facelift.  The QuickLift facelift was pioneered by board-certified cosmetic surgeon and founding medical director of The Skin Center Medical Spa, Dominic Brandy, MD.   The QuickLift delivers a refreshed and more youthful appearance by eliminating loose, sagging skin along the jaw line, tightening the neckline and adding youthful volume to the mid and lower portion of the face. 

Both men and women seek cosmetic surgery procedures for the face and body.  For women, our mommy makeover surgery restores the body to its pre-pregnancy shape.  Adding volume and fullness to the breasts with breast augmentation surgery, tightening and toning the stomach and removing excess fat through tummy tuck surgery and liposuction surgery.

For men, liposuction surgery to remove stubborn areas of fat around the waist restores a more fit and athletic appearance.  Chin implant surgery adds balance and creates a more masculine profile.  Liposuction to the neck defines the jaw line and tightens the neck line.

In Pittsburgh, cosmetic surgery procedures are performed by board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Dominic Brandy, MD in our state-licensed, nationally-accredited (AAAHC) surgery center located in Mt. Lebanon, PA.  In Columbus, cosmetic surgery procedures are performed in our nationally-accredited (AAAHC) surgery center located in Gahanna, OH or at the Riverside Outpatient Surgery Center.  

To learn more about our cosmetic surgery procedures for the face and body, schedule a complimentary consultation now.